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14 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. ken says:

    hi oliver

    since I met you and you help me to find the apartment at ONE PARK AVENUE
    i never had any problems and really appreciate all your helps to make me feeling at home….and your agency have a great services and always available 7/7 and 24/24
    when i called you or asked you anything like TV CABLE INTERNET FURNITURES HEAT etc….so Again thanks a lot buddy !!!

    talk you soon
    all best


  2. Julie MANGIANTE says:

    Sh Place and especially Oliver really get the idea of what you are looking for in Shanghai. They find real treasure for you. I found exactly what I as looking for in no time: a super flat with a terrace, lots of light in the perfect neighborhood…
    Go for it, especially if you search for an apartment with character…

  3. Jason Helaney says:

    Hey Buddy,

    I looked at around 70 apartments in two months with more agents that I could count.
    I had almost given up until my friend introduced me to Oliver.
    I told him what I was looking for and we went house hunting a few days later.
    On that day, I seen 3 places, and not one of them was a waste of time.
    After what I’ve gone through I was surprised to find myself in a position where it is hard to choose.
    After several checks and further visits I finally decided on one and I’ve loved my place ever since.

    Thank you Oliver.


  4. Erika says:

    After a long battle with a lot of agents and x numbers of visiting flats, I finally came in contact with SH place, Oliver, and after less than I week I found my dream flat! I am super happy and can really recommend to call Oliver if you looking for the best possbile place in Shanghai.

  5. Ed says:

    SH Place is top notch – they listen to what you are looking for (sadly a big problem in China), will not waste your time, and negotiate like they work for you. And bar none the best website out there as well.

    I unfortunately did waste many days of my life with the typical agents in Shanghai before finding SH Place, being shown places that where clearly not even close to meeting my wish list and generally being annoying. The normal agent just wants you to give up and pick a place so they can collect a commission. SH Place is head and shoulders above the others in my experience.

  6. Guy says:

    When we arrived we had an appointed relocation so called ‘expert’ helping us out. It was pretty depressing the first couple of days, until a friend forwarded me Oliver’s details. Things changed quickly from our first meeting and now dont know what we would have done without him – he found our amazing lane house, negotiated the lease with the landlady, took all our requests with a smile, managed to sort all of them out, and importantly has continued to make our life easy with fixing little things around the house, and even some things of our own. I have lived in many a countries around the world, and would highly recommend him.

  7. Patrick Postrohevsky ReGen Capital Partners says:

    “Oliver gives you the peace of mind in a rather daunting task, find a home in Shanghai. If your an expat looking for a place, give these guys a call, you won’t regret it. His passion for showcasing Shanghai’s most exclusive spaces is obvious and his in-depth knowledge about this niche market is impressive! He helped me find the dream home in Shanghai but what impressed me the most was his attention to detail and organization with all documents and payment. Most importantly though, is the way he treats his clients after they have settled in. I had my share of minor issues, translation problems with my Aye (which he also found for me and she is excellent) he is always there to help me out with any problems quickly and gets this problem fixed! I highly recommend SHplace.com and Oliver and his entire team. They truly are great team of professionals for the executive expat looking for a great home in Shanghai with customer service to match.”

    June 7, 2011
    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
    -Patrick Postrehovsky,

  8. Ian T.D. Smith says:

    “Scott found my roommate Aaron and I an amazing deal while I lived in Shanghai. As a real estate broker myself in New York City I loved having someone who spoke English perfectly, understood our needs and didn’t waste our time. I would recommend him to anyone going to Shanghai and looking for a place to call home for a week or a lifetime.”

  9. Bernie Landy - President BlueScope Steel says:

    Scott, here is my endorsement.

    I have recently arrived in Shanghai to undertake an International Assignment with my employer. I have relocated with my family and we approached Scott Cao of SHPlace to assist us in finding leased accomodation suitable for our needs. We tried other real estate consultants also but Scott showed a higher level of professionalism, energy and commitment to finding us a property that suited our specific requirements. We were happy with the selection of properties Scott presented to us and were are delighted with the choice we made. It has been a great experience working with Scott.

  10. D.C. Becker says:

    “Scott was completely reliable for us in our search for a home in Shanghai. He quickly demonstrated his knowledge of the market, he listened to us to learn what we wanted, and he never wasted our time. We have since referred him to several of our colleagues, and would happily do so again.”

  11. Darius Karbassioun BBH Shanghai says:

    “Scott was fabulous in helping me find the perfect place when I relocated to Shanghai. Once the contract was signed, Scott provided ongoing help and support. Scott has helped me secure another contract and I recommend him to anyone new to the city looking for a place to live.”

  12. Jamo Woo Director NIM Advertising says:

    n a nutshell, he’s the best RE agents in Shanghai regarding the expat market. Bar none

  13. Danielle Corrizzo says:

    Hi Everyone

    My husband and I just moved to Shanghai for our 2nd time. Last time we lived in an apartment, this time we decided to live in a lane house. Over a 2 week period I viewed approx 30 houses. Some of you may be thinking “OMG – you’re obviously too fussy”. This is not the case. Prior to our Shanghai arrival, we researched many agents websites, choosing places that worked with our budget and housing requirements. From there, emails were sent to the agents requesting viewings of specific houses, agents would then reply advising that the specific houses were available to view/rent. However, on the day of viewings, all specific houses were suddenly un-available. I was then shown places that were simply wrong. To be honest, as this is our 2nd time here, we shouldn’t be surprised. We should’ve known better especially as we had heard similar stories from many friends.

    Lucky for us, we then met with Helen from ‘SH Place’ real estate. Within a couple of days. not only had Helen shown us a number of houses that were exactly what we were hoping for, we had also chosen our place to live. After moving in, we have been in contact with Oliver. Oliver works alongside Helen and has provided us with exceptional “after sales’ service and continues to do so. Oliver has become an integral part of helping us to minimise issues that coincides with moving into a newly renovated lane house.

    My husband and I would like to say thank you to both Helen and Oliver for their outstanding service. Not only do we recommend SH Place as an estate agent, We look forward to working with SH Place in the future.

  14. David Kasten Interstate China says:

    Via Linkedin:
    I was introduced to Scott several months after relocating to Shanghai. I did not, to my sincere regret, use Scott as my real estate agent until about three weeks ago. I now look back at the process and am dismayed that I wasted so much of my valuable time with all the other agents in Shanghai. Scott is the consumate professional and one of the best real estate agents that I have worked with anywhere in the world. Scott listens attentively and delivers well above expectations. He is extremely knowledgeable about Shanghai and cares immensely about his clients. He develops a fantastic raport with his client, takes the necessary time to find the right fit in housing and is a great negotiator. On top of all that, once the rental closed, Scott was there with the offer to assist with shopping for home essentials! I highly recommend Scott for all your real estate needs!

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