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    • Jing An Temple
      Jing An Temple is one of Shanghai’s most historical places,
      originally destroyed but now rebuilt it’s a Landmark and sign for the
      Commercial Developement around Nanjing Road.
      Nearby are many continental Restaurants, Clubs, Bars and Shopping Malls
      Jing An Temple Park and the Line 2 Subway Line.
    • (starbucks at Metro City)
      Xujiahui is like another City inside Shanghai.
      The Area is the most successful Developement in the City.
      10 Years ago it was no more than a few streets and the Oriental
      Pear Shopping Centre.
      It has now developed into a buzzing Commercial Center with International Big Players like Microsoft, IBM, Yum Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell), Swatch, etc settling there Headquarters here.
      The Area has also become the main knot for international Banks to set up their china branches since the opening of the law.
      You can find Standard and Chartered, HSBC, Hang Seng, Citibank, First Sino Bank, BEA and many others.
    • French Concession
      The French Concession has become the “IN” place to live for affluent Citizens in Shanghai.
      The unique characters and style of every house gives the area an edge.
      Not to mention the quiet, green and idyllic Alleyways from Yongfu Road to Hunan Road.
    • Gubei and Hongqiao
      Hongqiao is probably what let most expats surive the early shanghai 10 to 20 Years ago.
      Many small foreign business popped up like dentists, world link, convinience stores, supermarkets, international schools,
      cafe’s and many more.
    • Wellington Garden
      The Brand-New Wellington Garden Shanghai Complex is an outstanding developement in the Xuhui Area on Huaihai Rd No 183.
      The Tops are the probably best views in the city,
      The fully imported Siemens Kitchend and it’s appliences,
      The extraordinary service by colliers international, with concierge, billing, taxi calling, free club, and many more.
      The Wellington Garden is so great, we devoted an own blog for it. here.
    • The Oriental Manhattan Xujiahui and the Upper Eastside
      the compounds are both often reffered to as Century Metropolis too.
      Oriental Manhattan, is a nice and very central complex in the middle of xujiahui right across the Grand Gateway towers.
      The Compound has all sizes and all styles of Apartments, from the modern one bedroom flat to the big 4 Bedroom Penthouse on top of the 35th Floor.
      The Upper Eastside is the developement across the Oriental and is one of the most exclusive housing condominiums in Shanghai.
      It’s also probably the best mantained and luxurious compound in all of XuHui.
      The facilities include a reward winning spa, an outdoor swimming pool, fitness, tennis, squash, basketball, minigolf and many more.
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