Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments in Shanghai are plenty.
We at SHPlace do not directly deal with Serviced Apartments or other short term leases.
However, we don’t want you, to stand there empty handed and without a clue which one to choose if you’re visiting shanghai for just a few months.
It’s also a choice if you want to have a more thorough house search and need a place to bide the time.

For those who just want to have an easy long term life in Shanghai, of course, the serviced apartments are also an option.
Just Contact us and we’ll help you locate the best one.

The below places I feel are worthy of our recomendation, and lets tell you why.

The Ascott.
Former Hongkong Plaza Serviced Apartments near Xintiandi at Downtown Huaihai Road.
The suites are pricey, but they’re up to the highest, modern standard, with western design and
an impeccable service from it’s affluent staff.
So far, we only heard good things from our customers.

Xuhui Serviced Apartments.
This one is for you if you’re a frequent traveller of factories on the outskirts of Shanghai.
Matter of fact, we found this Singaporean managed Serviced apartment so impressive we even featured it with videos on our site.

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