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Hello All!
Welcome to the Frequently asked questions page, and just so you know, we hope you frequently ask us questions! Just type on below in the comment box!
I promise we answer them all, and I’ll try to add them to this page as soon as possible!

We have a few guides that answer a lot of questions that you can probably not squeeze into on line.
Like, which areas I believe are the best in the French Concession and why?

Read The best french concession corners to live in and why.

Our best picks for the city’s downtown residential compounds, you know those with management, 24 hour security, clubhouses, swimming pools and such!
Read the best residential compounds in Shanghai’s city hubs.


and maybe some residentail compounds introductions!


Case you’re here to buy a property you might also want to check out our SHPlace Sales guide for foreigners buying property in China.

You can also leave questions that will be answered just as fast on our facebook wall here on
I’m looking for a place, when should I contact SHPlace?
Yo! You’re here, you see our awesomness, we provide awesome places, wouldn’t it be awesome if you contact us now?

Most of my friends tell me the french concession is the place to be in Shanghai, yet some of them told me to take caution before renting an old apartment in Shanghai because of the problems involved. What should I do?
This is a tough one!
I’m guessing you just arrived in Shanghai?
I can’t say you’re friends are a hundred percent right, because everybody’s situation is different, and it totally depends on you what you’re best area will be.
I think this answer needs a few questions first that you should ask yourself.
Where do you work? Are you a walker? Where do your friends and colleagues live? (guessing this one answered itself from the french concession but I leave it here anyway for reference).
Are you ready for a culture shock?

The french concession is a great area, I live here and most of my friends do.
It has many  similarities to living in a small town in europe (arbon, switzerland is where I’m from), like the neighbors and vendors of the small shop greeting and knowing you by name, asking where you’ve been if they haven’t seen you around for a while.
To me personally it’s the place that can feel most like a home in Shanghai.

Old houses do have problems that you’ll run into when living in them, but frankly, here in Shanghai you’ll easily run into a lot of problems in any kind of property, even the most modern ones have renovation flaws and nuisances you’ll have to work with (lucky for most of you, we are here to work through them with you!).
In my experiences though, most of the historic properties who we showcase and represent have undergone exceptional renovations, and landlords are more involved in the process of upgrading them to up to date modern properties, which in many cases give them the upper hand in comfortable living.
I think the main differences are the culture shock and the amenities.
You’ll have to walk a few minutes in most cases to get to your gym.
Conveniences are different. If you live in a compound the guard will call you a cab.
If you live in an old houses, you can likely step out and be at your favorite hang out within a few meters walk.

Also to live in the french concession you don’t have to pick a renovated old apartment, there are plenty of compounds and modern residential buildings around, the Summit, Chevaliers Place, Kingsville, Huating Court to name just a few.

Get in touch with me at 15900987878 and we’ll walk you through this, showing you both the black and white of modern and historic properties in the French Concession.

How long does a standard rental contract run?
The usual rental contracts are signed for one year.
You will usually find it harder to negotiate for additional furniture or on price if you sign a shorter contract.
If you reall love the place you found you can sign for longer than 1 year we suggest that you don’t do it though maybe you can get a better price on the second term.

What happens when i breach the contract?
In case of breaching the contract you will loose the deposit unless otherwise specified in the lease.
Most standard rental contracts entitle you to get back the amount in rent you pre-paid though.

What’s the standard payment form and how much is the usual deposit?
In most Shanghai Rentals you pay every month, and the standard Deposit equals two months rent.

Will the appartement be cleaned before i move in?
Yes, all places advertised with us will be cleaned to your wishes.

Why are some apartments of the same size and location prized so differently?
Landlords see their apartments, and the current market situation differently, unfortunately we don’t get to set the rents on the properties and each individual landlord has different expectations, depending on their previous experiences and market knowledge.
Sure though, all of the places rents are negotiable and not set in stone.

How much is the utility cost per month?
This is a really tough question,
We get it a lot, so i try my best to answer it. It really depends on how much your using.
Electricity averages between a 100 and 400 rmb,
Gas and water should together be around 100.
If you have floor or radiator heating this bill will go up significantly in the winter from 500 to 5000 Rmb depending on the size of the place you live in.
Proper adsl with 2mb is 150 per month.
The phone bill can range from anywhere of the minimum of 25rmb and 500.
You can hire an Ayi (housekeeper) for 10rmb an hour to about 30 Rmb an hour.

Where do most foreigners live?
All around town, seriously. Shanghai is super international and you’ll likely run into a foreigner in every corner of the city.
During the day most of them can be found in the commercial hubs of the city, like Lujiazui, Jing’an Temple Nanjing West Road, Huaihai Middle Rd and of course the French Concession.

What can i ask for in a new apartment?
Assuming you will stay for at least a year the landlord can add a microwave, DVD Player or wireless for smaller Appartements.
In the bigger flats from rent 8000 Rmb and above the table for negotiations are limitless, from changing sofa’s, putting in double glass windows, adding an extra fridge and an oven to even an extra flatscreen TV from Pioneer in the high-end skyscraper appartments, lane houses and others, it depends on the deal you make.

Are you as awesome as people say you are?
We are.

What about the internet?
Internet can be installed within 2 days from the China Telecom, ADSL prices range between 130 and 150 for a decent connection.
The Superfast one is 230 per month.
The new fibre optic lines are 150 RMB to and provide a more stable connection, they are however not available in all areas yet.

However having a fixed Lan Line in every room is a problem as China Telecom sees one Room as one user.
This means having an extra connection in your room will double your monthly costs.
In these cases we usually helped getting you Wireless it’s just as fast in a decent connection.
Sure the transfer rate between computers is slower (100mb for Lan) and 54Mb for most wireless boxes, however since the connection is only 2 Mb it really doesn’t matter.
You’ll have the same connection speed as long as it’s not between 3 meter thick walls. (rare ;-) )

How long before planning to move should I look for an Apartment?
From experience 2 weeks before moving, 1 week is ok, with us even 2 days.

“A Place in Shanghai” is fast and you’ll be able to see flats you like 3 hours after calling.
3 weeks is a maximum for most places, the landlords usually aren’t letting it being reserved for longer than that.
And usually the places are gone after 3-6 weeks.
Though we had some lucky tenants that got their dreamplace reserved for 1 Month.

In any case, know that you can mail us any time from 1 Month to 1 Year before You are planning to move.
Tell us what You are looking for and when You want to move.
Shplace is going to have it ready for you by the time you come to shanghai.


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