Ready for Business Commercial Real Estate for Rent in Shanghai.
In here (this section) SHPlace will highlight the commercial properties that are available in the French Concession and around right now.
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Crazy Restaurant and Bar Space in Jing’an
This huge space is located in the downtown area of Jing’an, it’s a commercial Restaurant and Bar Space in Shanghai for rent.
It has a total lot size of 2100 square meters lot size, a total garden area of 1700 square meter space, with 770 square meter indoor area.
Fully renovated, with furniture, bar, restaurant gas supply, kitchen and terraces.

Asking 260’000 Rmb per month.
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Unique French Concession Office Building
This is a superb 800 square meter french concession villa that has been converted to a premier office space in the hottest french concession area on Huaihai Road near Fuxing West Road (with neighbors such as the american, french, iranian, japanese and australian consulates).

Renovated in office style, complete with receptionist office, 2 indoor parking spaces, 1 outdoor carparking space and a garden.
Complete 4 floors, 1 terrace and several storage units.

Central Air conditioners,  complete rewires and highly presentable entrance hall to make a true impression.
See Pictures below.
Asking 275’000 Rmb.

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This wonderful Cultural Heritage Property from the early 20th Century is newly available for rent.
A full Commercial Property the new tenants will be able to run most kinds of business in this historic Mansion including;
Restaurant, Night Club, Bar, Recreational Business, Office, Galleries and many more,
as long as the architecture of the building is not altered.

The Place has an indoor area of 430sqm, about 5 private car parking spaces, a guest house and an approximately 500sqm Garden.

The Mansion would be perfect for boutique upper class restaurants due to it’s proximity to Hengshan Rd and many upper class residences and shops.

Asking Rental is 180’000 Rmb / month.

(rented out)
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This huge Commercial Office Building is located on Yongfu Road and Wuyuan Rd atop a popular Shanghai Club.
The Space is very well cut, with basically a squared room to the south and one to the north on each floor.
The Area covers a total of 1600sqm and the Building will rent at about 120’000 Rmb a month.
Besides Restrictions on Restaurants basically any business can be registered here.
Yongfu Road is one of Shanghai’s finest locations, and your neighbors will be the German Consulates,
several goverment
agencie’s, the exclusive Yongfu Elite Club and the Shanghai Film Academy is right across the street.
It’s a 10 Min Walk to the Changshu Road Metro Station and there are several bus lines about.
Parking is convinient with about 10 spots along this Building. (rented out)

A unique small property located on Fuxing Road and Wulumuqi Road.
The House has been an office to a marketing company for the past few years and is already officelike renovated.
It’s got a large Yard, and is simple cut with two big rooms.
The Unit is for office use only, and can not be registered for business.
But it’s a charming spot for creatively involved companies looking for something unique.
It’s in a superb location and features several parking spots.
The House is about 160sqm spacious, and features a 120sqm private Garden.
It’s about 5minutes walk from Changshu Road Metro Station and on the intersection Wulumuqi and Fuxing
are several bus-stops.
Nearby a plenty of cafe’s and Restaurants.
Asking Rental is 32000 Rmb a month.

(rented out)

A wonderfully unique Mansion on Fuxing Road and Yongfu Road.
The Commercial Property is a culturally protected old Garden House from the 1930′s.
It’s about 380 square meters large and currently occupied by a very exclusive Restaurant that will
be moving to a bigger venue by chinese new year.
A property perfect for opening a Restaurant since this one has been running for several years.
It rises three floors high, has 2 terraces and features an 80 square meter private yard.
Wires, Gas/Waterpipes and Kitchen are already built out for Restaurant use.
Asking Rental is 98’000 Rmb a month.
Several Parking Spots are available and the Location is very convinient (see 1st property)
(rented out)

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