Xuhui Garden Serviced Apartments

So, we’re usually not the biggest fans of service apartments for those who know us.
But then, every once in a while. Or wait, ok, actually, just this once.

One manages to sneak itself into our property loving hearts.

The Xuhui Garden is one of those.
It’s for those working in the cisco’s, zf’s, reeboks and others to the north of the city by Xujiahui and further as it’s right next to Shanghai Stadium.

Several things make the Xuhui Garden exceptional.
The Renovation.
Yes, you can find a place that is of top standard even to Swiss Detail scrutinizing.
All imported materials throughout the building, including double glazed windows, with children safety, sliding doors (all imported from germany), amazing Kitchen with built in Siemens Dishwasher, Mini Oven, Built In Siemens Microwave, Two Door High Tech Refridgerator, �Central�Water Filter and Softeners, and customized pantry space (for forks, knifes, rolls, plates, cups, balls etc)everywhere.

There also is�floor heating�for comfortably warm Shanghai Winters and Central�Air-conditioning in all rooms.

There also is large showers and tubs in all bathrooms with built in de-humidifiers and airconditioning.

The Design is elegant and well thought through, there is space for everything, with built in closets, shelves and hangers.
High Tech is the standard for the Xuhui Garden, with motion detecting light sensors (seriously, you step in and the entrance area lights up!), and
electronic curtain and sheer controls.

Now this alone, doesn’t make it SHPlace worthy, there are 24 hours concierge services available, with some of the most helpful and competent staff we have yet encountered.
They help you with everything from getting a taxi to arranging your internet and TV.
There also is Shuttle Buses to all the different locations in Shanghai (free of charge to all tenants), and the apartment is cleaned 3 times a week and fully furnished and provided with even dining plates, cooking materials, bedding, umbrella’s, simply everything.

‘Nough said!
Check out the pictures and video tours, and best, just call Oliver at 15900987878 to visit this awesome place.
1 Bedrooms 78 square meters with half-open kitchen.
From 13000 Rmb per month.
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2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living and Dining.
120 square meters.
From 16000 Rmb.
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3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living Room, Formal Dining, Walk in Closet, Storage Room.
192 square meters.
From 22000 Rmb.
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Modern, spacious, western style Xujiahui Apartment

This modern apartment is in the popular Oriental Manhattan Century Metropolis Complex in Xujiahui.

The 26th Floor Apartment has just become available today, and offers a huge living room, with connected dining area that
opens up to the big balcony.
The naturally bright apartment also has a super big kitchen with lot’s of cabinet space, custom shelves with lights inside, oven and microave.
There also is a big storage room and a seperate laundry room.

The apartment also has double glazed windows, and is very well insulated.

The four bedrooms are all very spacious, with the master bedroom having a big en-suite bathroom that has a large bathtub and
walk in shower.

Across are two more bedrooms, equal in size and the guest bathroom with tub.

Another larger room is closer to the entrance and also very bright.

The Oriental Manhattan Compound also comes with a wonderful clubhouse by clark & hatch with swimming pool, tennis court, squash courts, basketball, climbing, childrens play room and a great fitness center.

200 square meters.
4 Bedrooms, 2 Living rooms, 2 Bathrooms, laundry room, storage, big balcony and a modern western kitchen to sum it up again.
Asking 21000 Rmb.
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My pick, best residential compounds in city hubs (downtown)

The year of the tiger has begun (or is still beginning according to the fireworks).
I thought I’d pick myfavoritecompounds near city hubs downtown, Xujiahui, Jing An Temple and Hengshan Road.


1. Oriental Manhattan Century Metropolis
Though older, and crowded this Colliers international compound gets my pick for the best compound in the commercial Hub of Xujiahui
simply because of the value you get for your money.
The Compound has it’s drawbacks, too many cars parking outside, and it’s generally crowded.
But prices have come down a lot, yet the apartments in the 3rd phase (which is building 1, 2 and 7) are in fantastic shape still.

It features a big clubhouse, that is older too, but still with lot’s of facilities and leisure activities, the clubhouse management is also hearty and caring.

They’re spacious, modern, and elegant, the buildings aremaintainedwell and the interior of the common areas, hall, elevators and reception are in still great shape.

For around 15,0000 Rmb you can get a 172 square meter 3 Bedroom, 2 bathroom unit that’s in my eyes way better than any of the others in the location.
Windows are double glazed, and the management does a good job on most of the days in taking care of residents needs.
Though there are gems, I would suggest not bothering to look at the older and mostly run down 1st and 2nd Phase apartments.
The luxury version across wending road called upper eastside are also a noteworthy take a look place.

Runner up is the Fountain Garden on Nandan Road.
A nice, modern compound, newer and with spacious units.
It lacks an international management, and full clubhouse inside the compound, and most of the apartments are self-renovated, which doesn’t make them bad, but we all know, tastes differ from culture to culture.

Jing’an Temple, Nanjing Road

8 Park Avenue.
This wasn’t a difficult one, the ever popular 8 Park Avenue compound is modern, up to date, and features a state of the art free for all residents clubhouse with huge olympic size swimming pool, bowling alley, fitness and more.
The Apartments feature centralair conditioning, and modern kitchens and bathrooms.
Sometimes have a funny layout though, and it’s still a bit of a walk to jing’an temple.

The 4 Seasons Shanghai Apartments is our runner up here.
It’s one of the newest additions in the area.
The Apartments are great, and the location is unbeatable, it’s convinient and doesn’t get any more central then this.
But the location is also a drawback, not everyone can live right in the center of everything and be surrounded by the hustle and buzz of the never sleeping city.
It houses a great clubhouse, with good facilities but costs extra (which is still negotiable with the landlords).

Hengshan Road – French Concession

The french concession is lacking new developements, so it wasn’t that difficult to pick out the Wellington Garden here.
At first, there were many issues with this compound, but it pulled through and has become a popular home to many.
It’s small, but peaceful, and this is why one might choose this area.
Building 1 and 2 offer long views over the 100 year old Jiatong university compound.
It features a free for all fitness center with sauna and wellness, but lacks a swimming pool.

The Apartments are modern, and really, you don’t find great layouts like this in Shanghai very often.
The fully important siemens kitchens are in a class by itself too.
And in the last two years, this place has also become a lot more affordable than it was in the first year of opening.

The older but elegant and central Summit Shanghai is our 2nd place for the french concession.
If the apartments are well mantained they’re still great, good layouts, spacious rooms and peaceful.
The location is arguably in the heart of the former french concession and it features a popular and well mantained clubhouse.
The management, though by the developer itself is reliable and quick and the common areas are very well taken care of.


Lakeville Regency Apartments
The middle child of the lakeville family, this luxurious, elegant and highly sought after living complex is our top choice in the Xintiandi area.
Why the Regency and not Lakeville 1, or the casa Lakeville?
Well, the first one is nice, and there are a helluva lot a bargains compared what you pay in other complexes in the area.
But, it’s also older and there are some serious beauty issues that have to be taken care of, the clubhouse is dark and incomparable to the Regency.
So, what about the Casa?
Well, they’re newer, modern, and great, but the quality doesn’t differ much from the older Regency thanks to it being mantained so well.
And, as the issue is with new compounds you might be exposed to some serious renovation work at first and nearby construction.
The Regency for now has it all, compared to nearby options prices are reasonable, and the facilities are fantastic, big bright swimming pool,
fitness center with view, club restaurants and bars and a good management.

Runner up?
Rich Gate.
Pricey, definitely pricey, (63000 Rmb per month up) but so is everything else Xintiandi.
The Apartments finishes are so much better than anything else around, the layouts are great, and the management is friendly.
Small community, and peaceful,convenientliving in one of Shanghai’s busiest areas.
The facilities are great too, and it’s a little closer than the Lakevilles to all the shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Call me at 15900987878 or contact us per form here



Fantastic Xujiahui Penthouse Duplex with private Terrace!

A wonderful Penthouse Duplex in the popular Fountain Garden Compound in Xujiahui at Nandan Road near Tian Yao Qiao Road.

The Flat is spacious, has 3 Bedrooms, 1 Study, 2 Living Rooms, stretches 2 storey’s and features 3 full baths and a huge private terrace with built in glass-lounge area.

The 30th F terrace also features an amazing view over Shanghai’s commercial Xujiahui District to the Shanghai indoor stadium and even further.

The Living Room is super spacious, with simple white marble floors that reflect the light falling in through the floor-to-ceiling (double paned) Panorama-view windows.
There also is a lot of indirect lighting all throughout the apartment.

The equal sized (big) bedrooms all have nice views over the xujiahui towers and compound to the shanghai stadium roof further south.
Sunlight comes in naturally during most of the day from the morning to late afternoon.
The Study is in the first floor but just as sapacious as the rooms and already set up with wireless and highspeed internet.

The Kitchen is very light, roomy with lot’s of workspace and bright. It also enjoys a view to the Xujiahui North side where the famous Grand Gateway Towers (visible) stand.

The Bathroom’s are all very elegant, spacious and in an modern-oriental style.

The Terrace is about 100sqm big, has lighting all around and is a great outdoor space to have some friends over for the 2010 football worldcup or a simply hang out.

Fountain Garden is a newer developement in Shanghai’s Xujiahui Commercial Area (Microsoft, Swatch, Yum, Mitsubishi, Intel and many other multinationals choose this as their shanghai home), right across the street from the popular italian spot “saizeria cafe”, Starbucks, Yamamoto, and lot’s of Shops.
Through the back gate within 1 minute walk is the Novel City Shopping area with Blue Frog, Paris Baguette and City Shop.
The Metro City Mall (big glass ball) which houses even more Restaurants, Cafe’s (couple of more starbucks’) and is as well one shanghai’s famous electronic mall.

The Compound features security 24 hours and is modern and well built with good insulation and strong double glazed windows.
It’s Garden’s are wonderfully done, idyllic, with small lakes and bridges.
There also is an all famous Shanghai Alexander Yoga Clubhouse with indoor swimming pool and spa here.

Asking 23000 Rmb per month.
Call Oliver at 15900987878
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Old Anting Rd Penthouse with terrace and breathtaking views!

This wonderful penthouse apartment has just become available after almost 3 years.

The Flat is beautifully renvoated, with a focus on preserving much original detail, it features charming wooden floors,
the original doorways, lot’s of original built in storage space and the stone tile terrace.

It’s orignal layout is very open, beginning with the entrance area, that has a mirror and built in closet.

The kitchen is spacious, and super bright, with lot’s of workspace, big built in shelves, custom cabinets, an oven, and microwave.
There also is a original food-window they used back in the day to hand the dishes over to the dining room.

The next room, is the dining room, (or the livingroom, depending on wether you turn left or right), it has a big closet and a nice view over the anting road lane.

Through the hall you’ll pass the guestbathroom, which is also a laundry room with washing machine and dryer.

The Master Bedroom is next, it’s super spacious, with custom made bed, a new built in closet and an original one as well as a comfy ensuite bathroom.

The nextroom, a study or 2nd living & entertainment area is very spacious too, also has some built in storage space and is next to the livingroom lounge.
This one is special too, octangular, with built in shelves and floor-to-ceiling window doors that open up to the huge terrace.

The Terrace, well, check out the pictures, is fantastic… You can see the Jinmao Tower, the World Financial Center and overlook the beautiful french concession all the way!

2 Livingrooms, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, huge Terrace, huge kitchen.
Furnished with all appliances including Flatscreen TV, Satellite TV Programs, ADSL, Wireless Lan, Washing Machine and Dryer.

Call Oliver and view anytime.
25000 Rmb per month. Including Taxes and Internet.
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Wonderful Upper Eastside Penthouse with HUGE Terrace!

Posted on May 5th, 2009 in Penthouses, Upper Eastside, Xuhui District, Xujiahui

This Place we’ve seen before (about 2 years ago, our loyal followers will remember ;-) ), but I still can’t get enough of this terrace.
It’s huge, 100 square meters, over looking Xujiahui’s most beautiful compound garden, a football field (the skill is rather below average, but it’s still good for some amusement), and the magnificent Xujiahui Cathedral.

Though it’s only on the 9th Floor it still feels pretty high up, and you get a good breeze up there.

The Apartment itself is a classic upper eastside.
Spacious and bright living room, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the wonderful garden area. An entrance, and a roomy kitchen with plenty of custom storage, built in oven and microwave and a laundry room.
Elegant Bathrooms, Central Airconditionings and double glazed windows.

The Master Bedroom is bright and big, with a large closet and en-suite bathroom that is elegant and comes with tub and walk-in shower.
The Guestrooms are spacious as well, and also have nice garden views.

Fully furnished (though can be removed, or even replaced if needed), and equipped with LCD TV, DVD, Satellite TV, Hot water Washing Machine, Dryer, Cordless Home Phones, ADSL and WiFi.
The Upper Eastside is right across the Grand Gateway Office and Mall in the heart of Xujiahui.
5 minutes walk to hundreds (literally, hundreds) of restaurants, cafe’s, shops and an international supermarket.
The Metro is also nearby, about 5 minutes walking too.
Asking 25000 Rmb. Including Taxes, Management and Clubhouse.
View at any time.
Please excuse the picture quality, no batteries on the cam yesterday and that N95 camera isn’t what it used to be…..

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Fantastic, newly available Wellington Garden Flat

Light, modern Wellington Garden 3 Bedroom Flat newly available
This wonderful 3 Bedroom Apartment is in the famous and exclusive Wellington Garden Complex on Huaihai Road.

The Apartment is on a high floor and features fantastic green-views over the historic [120 years old] Jiao tong University Campus.
The Flat is fairly quiet and well cut.

You enter the apartment through your own, elevator which only you use on this floor.

The Elevator will open up into the small foyer, in where you can store shoes, leave bycicles, and probably lot’s of other things you can think of.
The Living Room is super bright, and features floor-to-ceiling windows that exit in to the balcony.(overlooking the previously mentioned university).

The fully imported Siemens Kitchen is a true highlight of the place, it features a long L-shaped work Top, built in microwave, oven and refridgerator as well as lot’s of smart storage.

Behind the Kitchen is a storage, laundry room, and exit to the moving elevator.

The Guestroom is the first room to the south down the corridor, it’s bright, features a queen size bed and a large 3 door closet.

Across is a Guest Bathroom, with shower and lot’s of shelve, it also can be directly accessed through the study.

The Master Bedroom is spacious, and bright, it has two large double door closets, a tv shelve and an en-suite bathroom.

17’000 Rmb per month.
190square meters.
Call Oliver at 15900987878.

Modern and friendly Apartment in the exclusive Upper Eastside Compound

This luxurious 3 bedroom apartment is located in Xujiahui’s famous Upper Eastside Compound (part of the Century Metropolis Developement).

The Flat features top of the line finishes throughout, with central airconditioning, insulated walls, all double glazed windows and Central Water Heaters.
It’s renovation style is warm and friendly, featuring mainly earth tones, like mocca frames and light-brown wooden floors.

The Furniture is modern, simple, but still a little provokative to bring life into the place.

A spacious master bedroom, with en-suite bath and beautiful compound views and a guestroom are in the south-side of the apartment.
The Study is across the hall, and also already furnished in a simple modern style.

The spacious kitchen features a large countertop with lot’s of space to work, lot’s of storage, a built-in oven, microwave, water filter and refridgerator.
Behind is a covered laundry room that has dryer and washing machine.

The Upper Eastside Compound is a very beautiful, luxurious compound in the heart of Xujiahui.
It featurs wonderful green gardens, with cute ponds, grape trees and it’s even relatively quiet for being in the middle of downtown.

The Century Metropolis Developement features a Clark & Hatch Clubhouse with indoor swimming, sauna, tanning studio, fitness center, squash, billiards, table tennis, basketball and many more.

Within 5 minutes walk are literally 100s’s of restaurants and cafe’s. There are two international Supermarkets (one in Grand Gateway and one in Novel Town), plenty of banks and lot’s of possible activities so it will never become boring.

Starting at 28000 Rmb. Call Oliver at 15900987878.
Excuse the picture quality, unfortunately I forgot the cam, so this was taken by my cell.
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Fantastic Oriental Manhattan Apartment in Xujiahui (top floor)

This modern three Bedroom, two bathroom Apartment is in the newest phase of the Oriental Manhattan Century Metropolis in Xujiahui, Shanghai.

Its got 2 well sized Bedrooms and a huge Living Room, a seperate study, and the Apartment is luxuriously renovated and simply furnished.

The Place is on the top Floor and offers spectacular views of Xujiahui’s Skyline.

It already has a TV, DVD, Sattelite Dish (and channels like HBO, CNN, ESPN etc.), ADSL, Wireless, Stove, Microwave and Heater installed.

The Oriental Manhattan Shanghai is located in the Shanghai’s commercial Center Xujiahui, just across the Grand Gateway Towers and Mall and next to the oriental shopping center.
The Metro Stop Xujiahui is only 5 minutes walk away on Hongqiao Road, and the compound is surrounded by 100s (literally 100s) of Restaurants (Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Zen hongkong Kitchen, Segafredo, Element Fresh, Saigon Kitchen & more), Cafes, Fitness and Recreational Centres.

The Oriental Manhattan Century Metropolis Club has many facilities like
Fitness, Sauna, Steam Room, 30m Pool, Tanning Studio, Play Room, Video hall, Dance Room, Basketball (indoor), Badminton (indoor), Cafe, Spinning Studio, Billiards, Tennis Court and many more.
more about theOriental Manhattan in Xujiahui here

and thefacilities here

Negotiations start at 17000 Rmb
Call Oliver at 15900987878 to schedule a viewing any time that suits you.
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Cozy 1 Bedroom Apartment in the brand new Novel City Garden in Xujiahui

Posted on May 3rd, 2008 in Novel City, Xuhui District, Xujiahui

this is a fantastic and brand new one bedroom flat in the modern novel city garden compound in the heart of Xujiahui.

The Flat is nicely renovated, with top of the line finishes throughout, hardwood floors, lot’s of indirect lighting,
double paned windows, central airconditioning and a fully built-in GE Kitchen.

The Living room is spacious, comes with a nice modern wall garniture, flatscreen tv, lot’s of storage space and is very bright with lot’s
of natural light flowing in through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Enter the hallway to move through to the Master Bedroom which has an en suite bathroom, built in closets and also features a superlarge window with lot’s of sunlight coming in.

The Novel City Garden is conviniently located on Tianyaoqiao Road in the middle of Xujiahui, it’s got direct access to the Novel City Shopping Centre which hosts
the City Shop (lot’s of imported products), starbucks, blue frog and many others.

It’s also just minutes walking away from the Metro Line 1 Station Xujiahui, countless of international banks, physical, grand gateway towers, metro city tower, and plenty of transportation, shops and cafe’s.

View at any time.
Starting at 10800 Rmb.