Beautiful Oriental Manhattan Penthouse with Terrace and crazy view!

This is a wonderful newly available Penthouse in the Century Metropolis Oriental Manhatta,
out of the 2000 Apartments there are only 12 of these terrace flats and usually none of them are for rent.
This is a truly exclusive and unique place in the city that you can could call home.

This one is from now on as the landlord has moved out, re-decorated and repainted it, the flat is on the 30th floor and has an unbelievable view over the Xujiahui Skyline and from this height most of Shanghai.

The Apartment is very spacious, has a lot of modern, indirect lighting, tasteful furniture and is well proportioned cut.

3+1 Bedrooms, 2 Living Rooms, 1 Storage, huge Terrace, 3 Bathrooms, big fully equipped Kitchen and a hall.

The Flat comes with TV’s, Sattelite Channels, DVD Player, Oven, Microwave, Washing Machine, Dryer, ADSL and WiFi.

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Starting at 25000 Rmb.

Newly Renovated 2 Bedroom Oriental Manhattan Flat in Xujiahui

This is a beautiful new 2 Bedroom Oriental Manhattan Apartment in the Century Metropolis Xujiahui Compound.

It’s newly renovated in a friendly and cozy style.
The Walls are very warm with nice colors and some indirect lighting in the ceilings.
The Apartment has a nice cut with two equal sized bedrooms, big closets and a brand new kitchen.

The Flat also has, Washing Machine, Dryer, Microwave, Two big Flatscreen TV’s, DVD Player, Soundcontrol, ADSL and WiFi.

The Club Facilities include:
Swimming, Sauna, Tanning, Dance Studio, Aerobic Classes, Yoga, Spinning,
Basketball, Indoor Climbing, Billiards and many more. (click here for a view of the Club)

View at any time.
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pictures will follow shortly

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New, Cozy 2 Bedroom Flat in the Oriental Manhattan Xujiahui this beautiful 3 Bedroom

Apartment in the Oriental Manhattan Complex in Xujiahui has just become available.
It’s nicely furnished, with warm colors and comfortable furniture. The Flat is very bright, spacious, has light wooden floors, some indirect lighting built in the ceiling, and a fantastic view over the Xujiahui Cathedral and the commercial Skyline.
The Unit is very high up, has DVD, Flatscreen TV, Sat Channels (HBO, CNN, ESPN, Star Sports, DW and more), Washing Machine, Dryer, Oven, Microwave, ADSL and WiFi already installed.

The Flat has 1 Study or Guestroom, 1 Master Bedroom, an outside seperate storage and a lot of built in closets and shelves, also a nice Storage room outside.
Xujiahui is the commercial Centre of the City, with Fortune 500′s like Yum Brands, IBM, Microsoft, Swatch, Adidas, HSBC and many others settling their headquarters here.
In walking distance are Subway Station Xujiahui, Grand Gateway mall and office towers with many restaurants and cafe’s like starbucks, English Bookstore, Century Mart International Supermarket, Busstop, Croissant de France (all 3min), Metro City, Starbucks, brazilian Barbecue, Xujiahui Cathedral, Taiping Yang Electronic Market, BestBuy, Huijin Centre, Saizeria, Burger King etc. (all within 15min).

10000 Rmb. (including tax and management)
View at any time.
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Beautiful 3+1 Penthouse in the Oriental Manhattan Century Metropolis

This beautiful Century Metropolis Apartment in Xujiahui is on the Top Floor and has a stunning view on to the Xujiahui Cathedral, the Commercial Skyline, and all of the city.

The Apartment has a fine well proportioned cut, with 2 well sized Bedrooms, 1 Study, 2 Living Rooms, and a Maids Room.
The Apartment has 2 Bathrooms.

The Flat’s Renovation is very clean and cozy, with a lot of indirect lighting, nice warm colors, well thought-through hangers and storage and a lot of windows.

The Apartment comes fully furnished with elegant western style Furnitures and equipments.

Of Course it comes with:

  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Sattelite TV
  • Soundsystem
  • DVD
  • TV’s
  • ADSL and WiFi
  • and a barbecue for the balcony.

View at any time. 208sqm.
Starting at 3200US$
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Super Large Oriental Manhattan Apartment with a fantastic Living Room

This crazy Flat is in the Oriental Manhattan Xujiahui Compound and has 5 Bedrooms and 2 huge Living Rooms.
It’s actually 2 Flats built into one.
The Apartment is very nice, bright with many windows, has two balconies and is fully furnished and equipped.
The Renovation is very modern with a lot of indirect lighting everywhere, stylish marble floors that reflect the light, some soft carpeting, a nice modern sofa, cool lamps and many built in closets and shelves.

The Flat is in the middle floors and has a great view on both sides (north & south), it comes with Washing Machine, Dryer, Heater, Iron Boards, Maid Room and Bathroom, Oven, Microwave, DVD, Soundsystem, TV, Sattelite Dish (with HBO, CNN, ESPN and more).

The Furniture in the Flat is in general very light and easy to look at.

The Oriental Manhattan Compound is located in the middle of Xujiahui, right across the Grand Gateway towers on Hongqiao Rd where Multinationals like Microsoft, Yum Brands, Adidas, IBM, HSBC and others reside.
Nearby are countless restaurants, cafe’s, fitness centers, shops and an international supermarket.

Inside the Compound is the Clark & Hatch Club which offers residents to relax and keep Fit by swimming, sauna, tennis, squash, badminton, basketball, fitness, spinning, karate, aerobics, yoga and and and more here
Starting at 3000 US$ a month. schedule your personal viewing with oliver at 1352-488-8815
View the video:

Beautiful 3 Bedroom Oriental Manhattan Apartment in Xujiahui

This new 2 Bedroom, 1 Study, 1 Living Room, 2 Bathroom and 1 Storage Apartment is in the famous Oriental Manhattan Compound in Xujiahui.

The Flat comes fully furnished in a very modern and bright style with warm colors and lot’s a natural light falling through the north and south adjusted Windows.

In the Apartment already are; Washing Machine, Dryer, Microwave, DVD, Sat TV, TV’s, Alarm and Soundsys.
The Master Bathroom also has an extra big Shower.

Oriental Manhattan is located on Hongqiao Rd and Wending Road in the middle of Xujiahui and right across the Grand Gateway Towers.
The Compound Club has many facilities like Fitness, (big 25m) Swimming Pool, Sauna, Steam Room, Tanning Studio, Badminton, Basketball, Rockclimbing, Billiards, Ping Pong and Tennis.

There are also many classes available like; Yoga, Latin Dance, Pilates, Taekwondo, Karate and many more.
View at any time.
14000 Rmb
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2 Bedroom Oriental Manhattan Apartment in Xujiahui

This 2 Bedroom’s just come out and is a real bargain.
It’s a little over a 100sqm big, has a large Kitchen, big bathroom, storage and entry.

The Flat is very bright, nicely furnished and one enjoys a nice view on the Xujiahui Cathedral and Park.
It comes fully equipped with 2 Tv’s, DVD, Sat TV, Dryer, Washing Machine, ADSL, WiFi and Microwave.

The Oriental Manhattan Compound itself is situated in the middle of Shanghai’s Commercial Center Xujiahui.
It’s one of the best kept and taken care of compounds in puxi, the many facilities in the clubhouse include:

  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Badminton, Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Snooker, Billiards,
  • Spinning
  • Dance Classes
  • Taekwondo, Karate, Martial Arts Classes
  • Fitness
  • Tanning Studio
  • Swimming, Sauna, Steam Room
  • Cafe, Restaurant and Pizza
  • and many more.

Starting at 8700 Rmb,
View at any time.
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Beautiful 3 Bedroom Oriental Manhattan Apartment

This is a beautiful 3 Bedroom Apartment that’s just come out and has undergone some new renovations.
The Flat is in the famous Oriental Manhattan Complex in Xujiahui.
It’s on a high floor and has a great view on the water play and the church.

The Apartment comes fully equipped with ADSL, Warmwater Washing Machine, Dryer, Sat TV, Oven, WiFi, DVD and Club Memberships.
(Fitness, Billiards, Tennis, Swimming, Sauna, Steam Room, Dance, Table Tennis, Climbing, Basketball, Squash, Badminton, Mini Cinema and more)

The Flat is well proportioned with a big Living Room, spacious kitchen, Bedroom, Guest Room, Study (beautiful view on the church), storage and two bathrooms.

View at any time.
Starting at 20000 Rmb.
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2 Bedroom Oriental Manhattan Apartment

This modern and new 2 Bedroom Apartment is in the Oriental Manhattan Shanghai Compound that is in the middle of Shanghai’s commercial Center Xujiahui.
The Compound offers great facilities like Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Fitness, Tanning Studio, Swimming and more.
View the club house and the facilities here

The Flat is in the newest developement of the Complex, it’s elegantly renovated and modernly furnished.
1 Bedroom, 1 Study, 1 Bathroom and 1 Living Room.

The Flat already has Sattelite TV, ADSL, DVD, Washing and Drying.

View at any time.
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The Facilities in the Oriental Manhattan Club Xujiahui

These are some pictures of the facilities of the Fitness Club inside the Oriental Manhattan Compound in Xujiahui.
The luxurious club’s got all kind’s of leisure activities like squash, spinning, climbing, basketball and badminton, ping pong, billiards and tennis.

It also has great fitness facilities with all Life Fitness Machines and a huge Swimming Pool.

Besides the Swimming Pool the Clark&Hatch Club also offers playgrounds (indoors and outdoors) minigolf and one of the few tanning studios in Shanghai.
Also many classes like Karate and Taekwondo are being thaught by some of Shanghai’s best known Masters.
There also are Yoga, Aerobic, Latin Dance and Hip Hop Lessons. (and of course many more)

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