“Tze” Penthouse

Shanghai Penthouse BathThis is one of the two Hengshan 41 Penthouse Duplexes available in the heart of Shanghai.
It’s situated atop that majestic, awe inspiring building that by passing by (if you didn’t know already) always wonder what’s inside.

Well it’s an apartment building in our beautiful city like any other.
Yet it houses one of the coolest pads this blissful (yet wise) city has to offer.

It’s currently undergoing a refreshment renovation which will see it updated, and coming with new fixtures, a brand new terrace renovation and lot’s of other upgrades.

You first enter in a reception room with built in storage great for receiving guests and storing things you may just want to grab on your way out the house (or penthouse in this case).

The spacious living room is bright with amazing views over the former french concession lanes and alleys, colonial houses, modern skyline, sometimes blue sky and you can almost always see pudong’s skyscrapers and the marveling nanpu bridge from here.

Penthouse Terrace Hengshan 41The open kitchen features all built in storage (which is hidden well ;-) ) built in wine racks, bar, and built in oven and dishwasher.

Through the hallway on the side you’ll get to the first guest bedroom and guest bathroom, further down is another bedroom with suite and private bathroom.

Up the stairs you’ll get to huge master bedroom (also with seperate suite/study room) which features it’s own luxurious master bathroom with tub, walk in shower and powder room (a room inside a bathroom).
You’ll really learn to appreciate the penthouses size when you’ll walk to the side and enter the closet that is bigger than many apartments in downtown Shanghai.

View any time.
130’000 Rmb per month.
500 square meters plus Terrace.
3 Bedrooms, 2 Studies, 3 Bathrooms, Foyer and living room plus open kitchen.
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Charming French Concession House

Garden House in the French ConcessionThis beautiful French Concession House has just become available and it’s in the heart of the French Concession on Yanqing Road near Huating Road.
Watch the Video Tour below, and a more detailed description will follow shortly!
It features a Patio on the first floor, Living and Dining Room, Laundry room,
4 bedrooms, top floor attic lounge and bedroom, and a small terrace.
330 Square meters.
Asking 50’000 Rmb.
Call  Oliver at 15900987878

Spacious & Bright French Concession Lane House Apartment with big Patio

French Concession Lane House Apartment with private PatioThis beautiful Lane House Apartment just completed it’s renovation.

The House is in the former French Concession on Guangyuan road near Tianping and Yuqing Road.
It is entered from the back of the House in the Lane, and features a charming entrance area with shoe storage and a hangers for coats.

The layout features  a spacious living room lounge, with exposed brick walls leading out into the extended glass living room and Patio.
To the side is the modern western style kitchen with good built in cabinet space and a built in oven.

The Apartment has 2 full bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 study and a big spacious garden.
Featuring built in radiator heating, double glazed windows, high ceilings, original hardwood floors, brass handle steel windows and lot’s of other historic details.
160 square meters.
Asking 31’000 Rmb per month.
Call Oliver at 15900987878

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Beautiful French Concession Apartment with Designer Interior, Floor heating & Patio

Posted on September 16th, 2011 in Former French Concession, Hengshan Road, Loft, Old House

The Patio of the Apartment in ShanghaiSituated on Jianguo Road near Anting Road, right across Cotton’s Swiss Club in shanghai’s French Concession, this awesome ground floor pad has just undergone a very thorough and complete re-design & renovation.

The Apartment is in the back of an old apartment complex and entered through the first floor.
Walking in you first pass the entrance way with some storage for shoes, and hanging racks for coats and jackets.

Then you’ll get to the Living and Dining Room, which is spacious and though on the first floor relatively bright, which may have something to do with the light wooden floors that were put in the apartment.

Talking about floors, the whole apartment features under floor heating, including the bathrooms.

To the south is the Patio, which is spacious and can easily seat a dinner party for 10 or more. Next to it is the Master Bedroom with en-suite Bathroom which also Modern Kitchen of the Shanghai French Concession Apartmentfeatures it’s own way to the Patio.
The western style kitchen is open and comes with all built in appliances, such as the built in microwave, and built in oven.

To the back are two more Bedrooms, and the Guest Bathroom with walk in shower, one of the bedrooms has been converted to a full study at the moment, though the actual arrangement is up to you if you decide to the rent the place and the landlords are friendly and flexible.

180 Square Meters, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Living Rooms, 2 Bathrooms.
The Facts:
Double Glazed Windows, Floor Heating,
surround Sound Multimedia Home Cinema, Sattelite TV, ADSL, Highspeed Internet,
Washing Machine and Dryer.

Modern Western Kitchen with all built in imported appliances.

Asking 28’000 Rmb per month.
Call Oliver at 15900987878

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Just Renovated Jianguo Rd 2 Bedroom Loft Apartment

Old House Apartment in the French ConcessionThis charming attic apartment has just finished it’s brand new renovation and is now available to rent.
The Place is in the 3rd floor of a historic french concession lane house on Jianguo Road near Wulumuqi Road.
(Great Location, in front of Vedas, and few minutes walk to People’s 6 Lounge and Restaurant, The Roof, Shiva, Indian Kitchen, Anadolu, Starbucks, Omalley’s and many more).
Metro is about 10 minutes walk. Line 1 Station Hengshan Road.

The Apartment is designed in a modern, light and open way.

You enter it from the staircase, to a short dressing area and then the living room with it’s high vaulted ceilings, and exposed brick walls and wooden beam.
The Living Room has sunlight coming in from the south and east, and next to it is the guest bedroom with windows facing east and north.

The Open Kitchen features a breakfast bar, a built in oven, custom cabinets and next to it a laundry area with space to dry hang your clothes.

The Master Bedroom to the south is spacious and bright, with matching high ceilings and lot’s of natural light.
2 Bedrooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Bathroom, about 110 square meters.
Asking 18’000 Rmb.
To be furnished and equipped with sattelite tv, highspeed internet, WiFi and more (up to the new tenants requests and offer).
Contact our Office at 6431 7096 or check with Helen for this Listing at 13524590377
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Fuxing Road Loft, the Video Tour

This is the Fuxing Rd Loft which we featured already here before the renovation was finished.

The Landlord has recently lowered his asking price, and it’s a beautiful, quality renovation, so I thought I give you guys a better picture of the space by taking  you around with our camera.
The Place got 1 Bedroom, 1 Study, 1 Living Room, Balcony, 1 and a half bathrooms and is about 88 square meters big.
The Open Kitchen is modern and western and the apartment has underfloor heating throughout and all windows have been replaced to double glazed glassing.

Check it out.
Asking 18’000 Rmb fully furnished, including taxes and internet.

Finished Renovation Yanqing and Donghu Road Apartment

Just Renovated earlier mentioned in our Newsletter French Concession 1 Bedroom Apartment.

Check out the video tour of this beautiful and charming French Concession Apartment for lease.
It has a spacious living room with open kitchen and balcony, very high ceilings, and unique historic details.

The Bedroom has a built in closet, and the bathroom is modern and western with built in heating and towel dryers.
Already has an offer so don’t hesitate to check it out asap.
15’000 Rmb per month.

Charming and unique French Concession Place with great Views

This pad will be available again soon.

Truly unique in the top floor of a historic Garden Mansion on Yanqing Road near Donghu Road (you know, Cantina Agave, Wagas, Bull, Bistro Burger, Citizen), it features high vaulted ceilings, lot’s of historic Charme, modern facilities and endless sunlight.

2 Bedrooms, 1 Study, 2 Bathrooms, huge living room, high ceilings, big balcony, amazing views.
180 Square meters.
35’000 Rmb.

Check out more pictures and a complete description here.

Crazy, Modern, Western Style Designer Lane House on Hengshan Road

French Concession Lane House for rentThis amazing Designer Lane House has become available again.

The Lane House features a super modern renovation and yet the landlord has been able to keep most of it’s original charme and charcater in detail.
We get into the Houses Patio from the side, with a small walkway next to the solarium,  with stone tile flooring and exposed brick walls.

The Living room is spacious and bright, with great lounge space, red brick wall, and exposed ceiling beams.

A modern western kitchen with breakfast area, super long worktop, built in oven,  dishwasher and built in cabinet and custom shelf space.

This french concession lane house for rent, has 5 full sized bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms (all super modern, elegant, with walk in showers and contemporary design), and lot’s of built in closet space.

Over 3 and a half floors, 300 square meters.
Asking 48’000 Rmb per month including taxes, management, adsl, WiFi, Sattelite TV and others.
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Unique and Elegant French Concession Apartment with that special charme

Charming French Concession ApartmentThis wonderfully renovated colonial apartment is located in the heart of the french concession in a heritage compound right on Shanghai’s super popular Hengshan Road.
Altough the apartment has been completely re-renovated the international landlords have taken great care and detail in keeping the original charme of the historic character of this place.

The Apartment has one large bedroom, with good closet space and that can be opened up through sliding screen doors into the living room lounge.

The Lounge itself is spacious and bright, with huge historic windows and french doors opening up to the big balcony overlooking the historic compound area and french concession lanes.

A western kitchen with lot’s of cabinet and custom storage space features in open style in the living room lounge, it also has a bar and built in oven.

It’s Bathroom is elegant and unique, with a big tub and double sink.

The Apartment is fully furnished and equipped with ADSL, WiFi Internet, Sattelite TV, Washing and Dryer, Oven, TV, DVD Player and more.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1 Living Room, big balcony and lot’s of character.

Asking 16000 Rmb per month.
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