State of the art, modern, western Style Shanghai Timesquare Apartment

This beautiful, modern, bright and super spacious 2 Bedroom and 1 Study Apartment is situated in a high floor right in Downtown Puxi’s Huaihai Road’s Shanghai Timesquare Mall and Towers.

The huge, open apartment has been designer renovated and features a big western style open kitchen, with lot’s of indirect lighting and all built in appliances (inlcuding microwave, oven, and dishwashers), and a breakfast bar with extra storage.

The whole apartment features large floor-to-ceiling windows, with amazing downtown views, the living room is extra bright, with lot’s of sofa seating and
entertainment space, as well as a dining area for 6.

The apartment has 1 guest bedroom, and 1 study right next to the guest bathroom which is elegant and modern and comes with a walk in shower and

The Master Bedroom to the other side of the Apartment has a huge en-suite bathroom, with extra big tub, and simplistic modern design.
There also is a lot of built in closet space and good shelf and cabinet storage throughout.

The apartment is located right atop the mall, on the 27th floor.
The Lane Crawford, Timesquare Mall also has a western cafe and bakery with real, whole weat rye bread and other specialities, the all shanghai famous
City Shop in the basement and lot’s of restaurants and boutiques.

Within Walking Distance is Huaihai Rd and it’s countless malls, boutiques and office towers, and Xintiandi, probably one of Shanghai’s most famous and desired areas.
283 square meters.
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 2 Living Rooms.
Asking 50’000 Rmb per month.
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Xintiandi Lakeville Private Villa for rent

Posted on May 19th, 2011 in Former French Concession, Lane House, Villas, Xintiandi

This beautiful Lakeville House has been newly re-renovated and is located in the middle of Shanghai’s prestigious Xintiandi District.
The House features a private Entrance on the first floor through it’s garden gate.

The Entrance has a closet space for shoes and coats and a dressing mirror.

The First floor features a spacious living and dining room with huge windows on all sides, the modern, western style kitchen is designed in a
minimalistic, modern way, with built in dishwasher, oven, microwave, and kitchen island in the middle.
It also has a big two door refrigerator and there is a maid’s bathroom and storage in the back.

There also is a full guest bathroom on the ground level.

In the second floor is a second living and entertainment room with a beautiful parquet floor.

There also are two guestroom and two bathrooms.
The Master Bedroom of the town house features a huge walk in closet and spacious master bathroom with large tub and big stand alone shower.

The Top floor terrace offers great views over the Xintiandi Lake and commercial spaces all the way to the Pudong Skyline.

5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms, storage, chef’s kitchen, garden and Terrace.

View any time.
400 square meters.
Asking 100’000 Rmb per month.
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State Of the art, one in a million Town House by Sinan Mansions

Amazing and super spacious modern French Concession Town House featuring a brand new state of the art renovation.

This beautiful, newly renovated (brand new to be exact) Town House is located in the heart of the former French Concession on Fuxing Road near Ruijin Road in the exclusive Champs Elysees Complex.

The huge house features a short entry way from the back or a private, directly to the living room entrance from the Garden.
It’s Kitchen, Living room and Dining room are one super large open space, with endless sunlight flowing into it from the big floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding the
whole house.
The luxurious, ultra-modern, western style, designer kitchen is a joy to look at.
This state of the art gourmet chef’s kitchen features a huge island with endless storage space below, all imported appliances including built in refrigerators, built in oven, microwave, dishwasher and workspace lightning.
All shelves, and drawers are custom made for special purposes and the whole concept is to make cooking as enjoyable and convenient as possible.

The Island would also become a perfect breakfast bar in the mornings to enjoy your coffee and the most important meal of the day!
Lounge and dining room are still unfurnished, yet, already, one can imagine the sitting area surrounded by garden and trees, across from the kitchen and dining area.

Between entrance and lounge is a private, only for this house elevator that goes down to the storage rooms and maid’s quarter as well as up all the way to the top floor.
On the first level are 2 large bedrooms, one master and one guest, with en-suite bathrooms and mini lounge or open study, the upper 3rd and 4th floor follow the same layout the top floor features a master bedroom, with living room area and a huge en-suite bathroom with whirlpool tub and walk in shower.

The Landlord has taken care that the property only received top of the line materials, and has spared no cost to make this a top-notch renovation with central airconditioning, heating system in all rooms (including baths), double glazed windows, extra power lines and countless more features.

Not only is this exceptional property awesome, so is it’s location.
A stone- throw away from the famous and popular fuxing park area with all it’s restaurants, bars and nightclubs, 10 minutes from the popular shopping street Huaihai Rd (H&M, C&A, Adidas, outlets are all on the first intersection already).
The Brand New Sinan House is across the street, with the newly opened Alchemist, 3rd Boxing Cat Brewery, the Fat Olive, Funky Chicken, Fitness Center and many more!.
Xintiandi, which is like the place to meet in Shanghai for the past few years is also just 20 minutes walking distance from this House.

Asking 90’000 Rmb per month, 550 square meters.
Call Oliver at 15900987878.
6 Bedrooms, 1 Study, Maid’s Quater, Lounge, Living Room, 2 Balconies and private Garden.
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All new, Stylish 1 Bedroom Loft in the downtown french concession available

This amazing loft space has just been renovated and become availabel for rent, it’s located on Jiashan Road in the french concession, right between Jianguo and Yongjia Road.

The Flat, on the top floor of a remodeled factory is an ultra spacious one bedroom with a huge living room that features high, vaulted ceilings, with exposed iron beam-skeleton, huge windows that let in tons of natural sunlight.

The living room space is huge, and open, the western wall comes with a modern western kitchen, that comes with lot’s of pantry space, and built in oven, and a closet as well as a bathroom which can all be concealed by large sliding doors to add to the minimalistic feeling of the apartment.

Up a one-step stairway is the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and walk-in shower.

The place only has top-of-the-line finishes throughout, with double glazed windows,  built in radiators and insulated walls.
140 square meters.
Call Oliver at 15900987878.
24000 Rmb.
The  Apartment is part of a new commercial loftstyle complex with residential lofts, creative office space, trendy lounges, cafe’s and restaurants.
Walking distance to the subway, fuxing road and about 5 minutes taxi ride to Xintiandi.
Watch the video tour!

My pick, best residential compounds in city hubs (downtown)

The year of the tiger has begun (or is still beginning according to the fireworks).
I thought I’d pick my favorite compounds near city hubs downtown, Xujiahui, Jing An Temple and Hengshan Road.


1. Oriental Manhattan Century Metropolis
Though older, and crowded this Colliers international compound gets my pick for the best compound in the commercial Hub of Xujiahui
simply because of the value you get for your money.
The Compound has it’s drawbacks, too many cars parking outside, and it’s generally crowded.
But prices have come down a lot, yet the apartments in the 3rd phase (which is building 1, 2 and 7) are in fantastic shape still.

It features a big clubhouse, that is older too, but still with lot’s of facilities and leisure activities, the clubhouse management is also hearty and caring.

They’re spacious, modern, and elegant, the buildings are maintained well and the interior of the common areas, hall, elevators and reception are in still great shape.

For around 15,0000 Rmb you can get a 172 square meter 3 Bedroom, 2 bathroom unit that’s in my eyes way better than any of the others in the location.
Windows are double glazed, and the management does a good job on most of the days in taking care of residents needs.
Though there are gems, I would suggest not bothering to look at the older and mostly run down 1st and 2nd Phase apartments.
The luxury version across wending road called upper eastside are also a noteworthy take a look place.

Runner up is the Fountain Garden on Nandan Road.
A nice, modern compound, newer and with spacious units.
It lacks an international management, and full clubhouse inside the compound, and most of the apartments are self-renovated, which doesn’t make them bad, but we all know, tastes differ from culture to culture.

Jing’an Temple, Nanjing Road

8 Park Avenue.
This wasn’t a difficult one, the ever popular 8 Park Avenue compound is  modern, up to date, and features a state of the art free for all residents clubhouse with huge olympic size swimming pool, bowling alley, fitness and more.
The Apartments feature central air conditioning,  and modern kitchens and bathrooms.
Sometimes have a funny layout though, and it’s still a bit of  a walk to jing’an temple.

The 4 Seasons Shanghai Apartments is our  runner up here.
It’s one of the newest additions in the area.
The Apartments are great, and the location is unbeatable, it’s convinient and doesn’t get any more central then this.
But the location is also a drawback, not everyone can live right in the center of everything and be surrounded by the hustle and buzz of the never sleeping city.
It houses a great clubhouse, with good facilities but costs extra (which is still negotiable with the landlords).

Hengshan Road – French Concession

The french concession is lacking new developements, so it wasn’t that difficult to pick out the Wellington Garden here.
At first, there were many issues with this compound, but it pulled through and has become a popular home to many.
It’s small, but peaceful, and this is why one might choose this area.
Building 1 and 2 offer long views over the 100 year old Jiatong university compound.
It features a free for all fitness center with sauna and wellness, but lacks a swimming pool.

The Apartments are modern, and really, you don’t find great layouts like this in Shanghai very often.
The fully important siemens kitchens are in a class by itself too.
And in the last two years, this place has also become a lot more affordable than it was in the first year of opening.

The older but elegant and central Summit Shanghai is our 2nd place for the french concession.
If the apartments are well mantained they’re still great, good layouts, spacious rooms and peaceful.
The location is arguably in the heart of the former french concession and it features a popular and well mantained clubhouse.
The management, though by the developer itself is reliable and quick and the common areas are very well taken care of.


Lakeville Regency Apartments
The middle child of the lakeville family, this luxurious, elegant and highly sought after living complex is our top choice in the Xintiandi area.
Why the Regency and not Lakeville 1, or the casa Lakeville?
Well, the first one is nice, and there are a helluva lot a bargains compared what you pay in other complexes in the area.
But, it’s also older and there are some serious beauty issues that have to be taken care of, the clubhouse is dark and incomparable to the Regency.
So, what about the Casa?
Well, they’re newer, modern, and great, but the quality doesn’t differ much from the older Regency thanks to it being mantained so well.
And, as the issue is with new compounds you might be exposed to some serious renovation work at first and nearby construction.
The Regency for now has it all, compared to nearby options prices are reasonable, and the facilities are fantastic, big bright swimming pool,
fitness center with view, club restaurants and bars and a good management.

Runner up?
Rich Gate.
Pricey, definitely pricey, (63000 Rmb per month up) but so is everything else Xintiandi.
The Apartments finishes are so much better than anything else around, the layouts are great, and the management is friendly.
Small community, and peaceful, convenient living in one of Shanghai’s busiest areas.
The facilities are great too, and it’s a little closer than the Lakevilles to all the shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Call me at 15900987878 or contact us per form here



Unique, historic Fuxing Park Apartment with special charme.

This beautiful and charming historic downtown apartment is available to you again.

The spacious apartment is situated on Shanghai’s Fuxing Park Shopping and Dining Street Yandang Road.
The Flat is in the 3rd Floor of the historic apartment building facing the partly pedestrian street that hosts many events and gives you a true
downtown flair.

The Apartment’s leaving room lounge is commodious and connected to the dining area and open kitchen with bar.
Shoeshelves and coat closets are built in near the entry and the guest bathroom is right before the guest bedroom and study to the north of the flat.
The Open Kitchen has good work space, a built in oven, and water filters.

The Guest Bedroom and Study has a tatami style sitting and sleeping area with lot’s of storage below, a large closet and book shelf is also built in.

The south facing master bedroom is luxuriously spacious and bright with a large built in wall closet (with custom space for ties, pants, etc), and an en-suite bathroom with shower and tub.

This truly unique apartment is elegantly renovated, centrally located and spacious with a cozy charme.
Nearby are lot’s of restaurants, a convinience store, the Fuxing Park and Xintiandi Spots.

2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Lounge, Dining, Open Kitchen and Storage.
140 square meters.
Asking 16000 Rmb per month.
Call Oliver at 15900987878
Codeword: Yong Ye Da Lou

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Mesmerizing, elegantly furnished Champedroomss Elysee’s Apartment (huge!)

250 square meter spacious Apartment in the exclusive Champs Elysee’s complex on Fuxing Road near Ruijin Road.
The Flat is beautifully renovated with only top of the line materials and in a modern and simple style.

The entrance area features a huge shoe shelves (will fit hundreds of shoes) and coat hanger. There also is a dressing mirror.

It’s living room is very spacious and super bright, there is a lot of sunlight flowing in through the floor-to-ceiling south facing french doors.
The living room area is very open and light, the supporting pillar adds some loft like flair to the apartment.
The Media system featurs a 49″ LCD Screen, HD-DVD Player, Satellite System, and Surround Sound System for the full home-cinema experience.

The connected study has a large bookshelve and it’s own terrace.

The Guest Bathroom features a walk-in shower and is across one of the guest bedrooms.

The Chef’s Kitchen has a high quality pantry, lot’s of workspace, plenty of power outlets, good lighting, dual door refridgerator, built in oven and microwave and water filter.
In the back are laundry (with washer and dryer), maidsroom, maids bathroom and storage.

The 2nd Guestroom is north facing and also has some built in closets, bathroom is right across.

The Master Bedroom is very roomy, with floor-to-ceiling windows,  it’s own balcony (actually, all rooms have balconies), and lot’s of closet space.
The En-Suite Bathroom has two sinks, a long mirror (with lot’s of shelfspace behind) a large tub, and comfortably sized walk-in shower.

View at any time.
Close to Metro Line 1, Xintiandi, lot’s of Shops and there is a starbucks in the ground floor (incentive to get up in the morning?) .
Asking 36’000 Rmb.
3 Bedrooms, 1 Study, 3 Baths, Maid’s quarter, lot’s of storage, 4 balconies. Chef’s Kitchen.
Quality renovation, central airconditioning, double glazed windows, insulated walls, water filter and softener.
View any time.
Call Oliver at 15900987878

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Stunning High Floor Lakeville Regency Xintiandi Apartment

Posted on March 13th, 2009 in Lakeville Regency, Luwan District, Xintiandi

This wonderful and elegantly furnished Apartment is in the infamous and prestigious Lakeville Regency at Xintiandi.
The Flat has been decorated by an interior design and they did a marvelous job in blending oriental accents into modern contemporary deco.
The Apartment is in the 26th floor of the southside blocks and it features a fantastic View over the Xintiandi Lake area.

The well chosen decor is both elegant and comfortable, it fits in perfectly with the renovation of the apartment.

The Kitchen is the first room past the entry door through the hallway. It’s spacious and has a lot of work and storage space.
Adjacent to the kitchen is the bright living room that is spacious too. It features a full home-cinema system with a large flatscreen tv, dvd and surround sound system.

The Study is elegant and quiet with a nice view over the lakeville compound.
Across from it is the guestroom that has lot’s of closet space and a wonderful evening view over the downtown area.

The Master Bedroom is large and well furnished, it features a big tv cabinet and large closet. The en-suite bathroom is luxurious and modern and features a walk-in shower.
The Lakeville Regency is located in Shanghai’s popular Xintiandi Area.
The compound features a large clubhouse with cigar bar, spa, swimming pool (with lot’s of sunlight flowing in through the the glass ceilings) Fitness Room with view, sauna, steam room, large locker room, sushi restaurant and cafe.

3 Bedrooms, 2 Living Rooms, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Laundry room and balcony.
View at any time.
Asking 45000 Rmb per month.
(including broadband internet, management, clubhouse and taxes).
Call Oliver at 15900987878 to schedule your private viewing! 

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Marvelous Fuxing Park Apartment in Historic Condo

Posted on October 20th, 2008 in Former French Concession, Old House, Xintiandi, Xuhui District


This beautiful and charming French Concession Apartment is located on the pedestrian street before YanDang Road.
The Apartment is on the third floor overviewing the popular Shopping Section right in front of Fuxing park.

It’s got a spacious entry, with a large built in closet and shoe shelf.

The Flat’s got a spacious living room, with lot’s of indirect lighting, large windows and plenty of sunlight.
The Place’s high ceilings, moldings, and historic parquette floors add a very special charm to the apartment.
It features a large open style kitchen, with lot’s of pantry storage, shelves, built in oven, and microwave.

The built-in kitchen is an all handmade one customized for the apartment.

The Guest Bathroom is to the west, spacious too, and features central heating.
The Apartments doors are in line with the whole open flair of the apartment, they are large, and rounded for extra “openness”.

The Guestroom is to the south and has mainly east and south facing windows, built in closets and large windows.
The Master Bedroom across the hallway is huge! It features a full study area, walk-in closet, and a roomy bathroom with large mirror, baskets and tub.
A high quality place with top-of-the line furnishings throughout the apartment.
It features double glazed windows, insulated walls, has gotten new piping, wiring and gas lines and comes with central airconditioning in all rooms.

View any time.
Starting at 24000 Rmb a month.
Call Oliver at 15900987878

About 5 minutes walk to the Subway Station Huangpi Road, and 15 minutes to Xintiandi.
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Very Unique historic Apartment between Fuxing Park and Xintiandi

Posted on September 22nd, 2008 in Former French Concession, Loft, Old House, Xintiandi, Xuhui District

This marvelous historic Apartment is located on Fuxing East Rd and Chongqing Rd, just at the Eastern gate of Fuxing Park.
And in less than 10 minutes walk east you’ll reach Shanghai’s popular Xintiandi Area that as Fuxing Park features lot’s of Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Shops, Recreational Clubs and metro lines.
The ground Floor Unit from the early 1930′s is newly restored and beautifully renovated, moldings, wooden doors, reviving it’s original charm.

The Flat is entered through a wide hallway, that features a beautiful original stone step-up, hardwood floors and a full-body mirror.
There are shoeshelves, and many hangers for coats, as well as umbrella holders.

The Living Room is super spacious, and features 3.5m high ceilings.
An enchanting light-brown parquet floor fit’s in perfectly with the furniture and add’s a lot to the unique atmosphere of the flat.

The open-style Kitchen features a large pantry with deep cabinets, a built in oven, built in soap dispenser and filter.

The Guestroom /study to the west-side of the living room is opposite of the guest-bath (which comes with a roomy walk-in shower, and is contemporary style).
The Guest room /study is spacious too, and has a built in work-desk and storage.

The Master Bedroom is about 20sqm spacious and features a huge en-suite bathroom! Which comes with a cool old-style tub and walk-in shower.
It has shelves, a big mirror, and is very bright.

The Master Bedroom also comes with large built-in closets that are full room height and hand made.

View this property any time.
Call Oliver at 15900987878 
Asking 22000 Rmb (including taxes and management fee’s).
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