The Gascogne Place, refurbished colonial style luxury apartments

Gascogne Place Serviced ApartmentsThe Gascogne Apartments are large high end apartments in the heart of the former french concession.
And just this month we have two (one already, one end of the month) newly available 340 square meter 3 plus 1 Bedroom units.

The Apartments are both identical in layout, size and furnishing, both are tastefully renovated with large open kitchen (can be closed by sliding glass doors), and elegant luxurious bathrooms as well as big walk in closets and spacious balconies.

It’s definitely a stylish, unique and exclusive option (only 24 units) for those who seek a charming historical property, yet do not want to give up on the modern luxuries a serviced condo can offer.
The Management is available throughout the day and service and maintenance guys are also on site in case the tenants should need them.

It’s a quick walk (5 min. max) north to the Donghu Road area with Elementfresh, Wagas, NY Pizza, Cantina Agave, Craft and the likes, and just about 10-15 minutes walk to the popular Anfu Road area in the east.

The current asking rentals are 54’000 and 59000 Rmb (4th and 8th floor) for the two apartments for rent at the Gascogne Place.
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Xuhui Garden Serviced Apartments

So, we’re usually not the biggest fans of service apartments for those who know us.
But then, every once in a while. Or wait, ok, actually, just this once.

One manages to sneak itself into our property loving hearts.

The Xuhui Garden is one of those.
It’s for those working in the cisco’s, zf’s, reeboks and others to the north of the city by Xujiahui and further as it’s right next to Shanghai Stadium.

Several things make the Xuhui Garden exceptional.
The Renovation.
Yes, you can find a place that is of top standard even to Swiss Detail scrutinizing.
All imported materials throughout the building, including double glazed windows, with children safety, sliding doors (all imported from germany), amazing Kitchen with built in Siemens Dishwasher, Mini Oven, Built In Siemens Microwave, Two Door High Tech Refridgerator, �Central�Water Filter and Softeners, and customized pantry space (for forks, knifes, rolls, plates, cups, balls etc)everywhere.

There also is�floor heating�for comfortably warm Shanghai Winters and Central�Air-conditioning in all rooms.

There also is large showers and tubs in all bathrooms with built in de-humidifiers and airconditioning.

The Design is elegant and well thought through, there is space for everything, with built in closets, shelves and hangers.
High Tech is the standard for the Xuhui Garden, with motion detecting light sensors (seriously, you step in and the entrance area lights up!), and
electronic curtain and sheer controls.

Now this alone, doesn’t make it SHPlace worthy, there are 24 hours concierge services available, with some of the most helpful and competent staff we have yet encountered.
They help you with everything from getting a taxi to arranging your internet and TV.
There also is Shuttle Buses to all the different locations in Shanghai (free of charge to all tenants), and the apartment is cleaned 3 times a week and fully furnished and provided with even dining plates, cooking materials, bedding, umbrella’s, simply everything.

‘Nough said!
Check out the pictures and video tours, and best, just call Oliver at 15900987878 to visit this awesome place.
1 Bedrooms 78 square meters with half-open kitchen.
From 13000 Rmb per month.
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2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living and Dining.
120 square meters.
From 16000 Rmb.
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3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living Room, Formal Dining, Walk in Closet, Storage Room.
192 square meters.
From 22000 Rmb.
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Belvedere Service Apartments near Zhongshan Park in Changning

Posted on April 16th, 2007 in Changning District, Service Apartments

These beautiful Service Apartments are on Changning Road close to Zhongshan Park, Carrefour, Highway, Metro Station 2, 3 and 4, Office Towers, shopping malls, cafe’s and much more is near by.

Prices range from 18000 Rmb to 28000 Rmb per month from 96sqm to more than 250 sqm.

The Flats are all fully serviced which means everythings included in the rent.
Cleaning, Electricity, Water, Gas, Broadband Internet, International TV, Washing, Club with all amenities and more.

Call 135 2488 8815 to find out more

No Agents Fee ( except for contracts less than 3 Months)
Can be viewed any time.
One of the best price to value service apartments in Shanghai.