Amazing Kerry Residences 333 square meter Panorama Apartment

French Concession Panorama ApartmentThis crazy unique apartment is in the upper floors of the Kerry Residences and will be available just after the chinese new year.

The Apartment features an open study, and two large bedrooms, with the master bedroom also including a built in study, walk in closet and state of the art en-suite bathroom.

The Living Room and open kitchen is the main highlight of the place, with a huge open space, and full size balcony all the way to go along with that.

The Floor to ceiling windows lighten up the place all the way.

View any time.
The modern, state of the art western kitchen features all built in appliances, a dual door fridge, built in dishwasher, laundry and storage room in the back and endless storage and work space.

Call Oliver at 15900987878
333 square meters.
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Open Kitchen, Entrance, Balcony and huge living room.
Asking 56’000 Rmb per month.
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All new Anfu Road Loft Apartment with Terrace & Floor Heating

French Concession Loft on Anfu roadWe just posted this wonderful loft style apartment in a historic lane house on Anfu Road when it was still renovating.
And now, this charming French Concession place is almost done, it features built in floor heating throughout, elegant bathrooms,
a super modern, open western style kitchen with built in oven and microwave.

The Apartment features unique high vaulted ceilings with exposed wooden beams in the living room, original hardwood floors, steel frame windows with brass handles and cool mosaic tiling in the bathrooms.

The Living Room also features a full home cinema system with beamer and built in Bose Surround Sound.

Up the old staircase is first a charming patio and then the Wintergarten with full glass ceilings that could be a perfect exercise room.

View any time.
2 Bedrooms, 1 Wintergarten, 2 Baths, Living Room, Dining, Terrace and Balcony!
Asking 32’000 Rmb.
Fully furnished and equipped with all appliances and Highspeed Internet.
Call Oliver at 15900987878

Just renovating French Concession Apartment on Anfu Road

Posted on December 28th, 2011 in Anfu Road, Former French Concession, Lane House, Loft, Xuhui District

Wulumuqi Road Loft Apartment in Shanghai's French ConcessionThis beautiful Apartment is located in the heart of the French Concession in an old Lane House on Anfu Road near Wulumuqi Road.
It’s on the third and top floor of the historic Shanghai House, and super bright, with sunlight coming in from all sides.

First up the stairs is a study or guest room with some built in shelf space.
After walking up the charming old staircase you’ll get to the spacious and open living room which features high vaulted ceilings with exposed wooden beams.
The western style open kitchen features minimalistic, clean white surfaces, built in oven and microwave and plenty of cabinet spaces.

In the back of the room next to the stairs is the main bathroom which features an art deco style tub, and next to it is the master bedroom that has another en-suite bathroom with walk in shower and also features vaulted ceilings with exposed beams.

Another half floor up is the apartments terrace and “Wintergarten” , perfect for a glass of wine with friends on a warm shanghai evening.
The Apartment will feature double glazed windows, central floor heating, all imported appliances, high speed internet, WiFi, Sattelite TV and much more.
2 Bedrooms, Living Room, seperate Dining Area, Open Kitchen, 2 Baths, 1 Wintergarten and one Terrace.
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Spacious & Bright French Concession Lane House Apartment with big Patio

French Concession Lane House Apartment with private PatioThis beautiful Lane House Apartment just completed it’s renovation.

The House is in the former French Concession on Guangyuan road near Tianping and Yuqing Road.
It is entered from the back of the House in the Lane, and features a charming entrance area with shoe storage and a hangers for coats.

The layout features  a spacious living room lounge, with exposed brick walls leading out into the extended glass living room and Patio.
To the side is the modern western style kitchen with good built in cabinet space and a built in oven.

The Apartment has 2 full bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 study and a big spacious garden.
Featuring built in radiator heating, double glazed windows, high ceilings, original hardwood floors, brass handle steel windows and lot’s of other historic details.
160 square meters.
Asking 31’000 Rmb per month.
Call Oliver at 15900987878

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Just renovated, stylish French Concession Designer Loft

French Concession Designer Loft, just renovated and available to rentWatch the Video Tour below!
This beautiful loft apartment is on Taiyuan Road near Yongjia Road in a charming French Concession Garden House.

It’s just finished it’s renovations (a few small details remain to be taken care of) and is now available to rent.
The Apartment is in the first floor of a 1930′s colonial Mansion and the cultured landlord has put a lot of effort and detail into restoring and reviving the places character.

The Apartment enters into the spacious living room with it’s high ceilings, and endless sunlight that flows in from all corners of the room from the huge french windows.
The lounge is set to the half circle window wall that looks into the Mansions Garden, and to the side is the long contemporary style dining table set against an exposed minimalistic style brick wall.

The open kitchen is western and features a built in oven, ultra modern two door refrigerator and good storage space.
To the back is the loft style living room with two bathrooms, each with walk in showers and polished cement floors and walls.
The lower space of the loft can be converted into a guest bedroom or simply stay an open office.

High quality finishes throughout, insulated walls, double glazed windows and floorheating are just some of the added modern comforts in this awesome place.
1 Bedroom, 1 Living Room, 2 Baths, 80 square meters.
Fully furnished and equipped with Sattelite TV, Washing and Drying, High Speed Internet, WiFi, DVD Player and more.

24’000 Rmb (including management, taxes, and all utilities (water, gas, electricity and internet).

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Great Shanxi Road Loft Apartment with Terrace

Modern and Stylish French Concession Loft on Shanxi Road with private TerraceThis beautiful Loft Apartment we featured already when it was renovating, it is now completely done, and fully furnished.
The Apartment is in the third floor of a historic apartment building in the heart of downtown French Concession on Shanxi Road near Huaihai Road.
It features a spacious Living Room and Lounge, with floor to ceiling windows all around, two elegant, luxurious bathrooms, a stylish bedroom and modern western Kitchen with all built in high quality appliances.

Watch the Video Tour.

120 square Meters.
1 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, 1 Living Room and a private Terrace.
Fully furnished and already equipped with Sattelite TV, WiFi, ADSL, Washing and Drying and many more features.

Charming French Concession Loft with amazing private Garden

French Concession Apartment with huge unique Garden on Gaoyou RoadThis beautiful and cozy loft apartment is in one of the most peaceful corners of Shanghais French Concession, on Gaoyou Road near Hunan Road right across Lost Heaven.

The Apartment features a wonderful, simple, contemporary renovation style, with lot’s of white, including the exposed brick walls.

Adding to the modern feel is the sunlight that flows in from all sides and reflects on the black cement style floors.

Through the hall past the dining nook is the modern kitchen which has a built in oven, and lot’s of cabinet space.
It’s connected through a large circle window to the breakfast and dining area.

The Lounge features beautiful historic french doors opening up right into the garden.
And this garden, oh my, it really feels like just out of an architecture magazine, clean cut grass on both sides of the white sandstone walkway
to the Mediterranean style chillax area.
Check it out.
1 Bedroom, 1 Living Room, Breakfast Nook, Kitchen 1 Bath, Laundry area and huge private Garden.
Asking 26’000 Rmb.

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Unique, spacious & bright Downtown Shanghai Lane House

Downtown Shanghai Lane House for rentA spacious, yet charming historic Lane House Downtown just one block from Plaza 66 and Nanjing Road.

This beautiful colonial Lane House is on Weihai Road and Shanxi Road, it’s been recently renovated and the last tenants have just moved out.
The House features a private Patio and entrance area, right next to it is the modern western kitchen with built in oven, microwave, dishwasher and water filters as well as a modern two door refridgerator.

The spacious Living room is directly connected and naturally lit up through the large french doors letting in sunlight from the private Patio.

Up the floor are 2 Bedrooms, both equally large and commodious, with the one on the east featuring a balcony.
To the side of the charming wooden staircase is the elegant and western guest bathroom which features a walk in shower.

Up to the third floor we’ll firstt pass by a smaller room, perfect for a study, or seperate closet.
On the third floor are another 2 Bedrooms, including the Master Bedroom with en-suite bathroom and huge open space.

Then we get to the top floor which is a second living room/Lounge with dry Bar and Terrace.

Top of the line finishes throughout, with lot’s of art-deco historic Shanghai details.
4 Bedrooms, 1 Study, 2 Living Rooms, 3 Baths, Patio and Terrace.
Asking 45’000 Rmb.

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Charming & Unique French Concession Apartment with high quality Renovation

Loft Apartment in the French ConcessionThis beautiful French Concession Apartment is located on Wukang Road and Xingguo Road just 200 meters next to Ferguson Lane.

The Apartment has been completely renovated by a well known French Concession specialized Designer, and now features underfloor heating, imported double glass windows, insulated walls, an all western open style kitchen with built in appliances, and elegant luxurious bathrooms.

The Apartment also has a great layout, with a comfortable living room that features a lounge with built in Home Cinema System (by Bose) and Dining Room with the open kitchen.

There is two spacious balconies, and the floor to ceiling window doors can be compeltely moved to the site to open the whole apartment up and connect a direct flow with the outdoor space.
The Apartment probably has one of the highest quality renovations with only the best materials that you’ll see, which is quite uncommon in the extend of detail, even all tiles, and cabinets are only from the best brands and with top of the line finishes.

2 Bedrooms, 1 Living Room, 2 Balconies, Open Kitchen and two bathrooms.
130 square meters.
Asking 28’000 Rmb, including Taxes, Management, ADSL/WiFi, and Sattelite TV.

French Concession Loft with Terrace, featuring a brand new renovation!

French Concession Loft with TerraceCheck out the Video Tour below!
This wonderful old house apartment has just undergone a  brand new renovation and is now ready to be lived in.
The apartment is in the top floor of a historic french concession lane house on Taiyuan Road near Yongjia Road.

It features a spacious living room with lot’s of natural light and open kitchen, the kitchen by the way is western and comes with
a built in oven and a large island with lot’s of cabinet space.

To the side is the guest bathroom and guest bedroom or study, and past all of the windows up the stairs you’ll get to the spacious master bedroom.
The Master Bedroom comes with a large en-suite bathroom that features a big bath tub.
Out the door from the stairs it the private rooftop terrace, large enough for a cool group of a friends to enjoy a barbecue, or summernight mojito!
2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Open Kitchen and Living Room plus a private Terrace.
120 Square meters, asking 22000 Rmb.

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