Just renovated super charming French Concession Studio

This beautiful apartment is located in the former Maison Mode art deco apartment building on Huaihai Road and Changshu Road right on top of the Metro Stop.

The Apartment features a brand new renovation, with wonderful historic details such as the original hardwood floors, high ceilings, art deko tile floors in the bathroom and original steel windows with the brass handles.
It’s charm is blended perfectly with all the modern comforts of a 21st century home, like the open kitchen with built in oven and fridge, the built in radiator heating, two layers of double glazed windows, new piping and central water heaters and pumps.

It’s located in the heart of the french concession, and close to all the trend spots on Julu Road, Anfu Road and Wulumuqi Road.
Watch the Video Tour below.

50 square meters.
Asking 11000 Rmb per month.
Fully furnished and equipped with all appliances.
Call Oliver at 15900987878.

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Charming French Concession Apartment full of Character

French Concession Property picture of the open kitchen

To much to read? Watch the commented video tour below.

This beautiful and charming apartment is in a historic garden house in the heart of the former French Concession on Huaihai Road near Gao’an Road right across Shanghai Library and next to the Ambassy Club.

The Apartment features a brand new renovation and restoration which has just been completed.
It’ s in the second floor of the french concession house, and entered through the bright and spacious living room lounge.

Next to which is the open kitchen that features a smooth modern surface with all built in appliances (fridge, oven and microwave).
A few steps down from the dining room and open kitchen is the study room which has a built in bookshelf and view of the lane.

The guest bathroom is right across the guest bedroom and features a large walk in shower and cool original art deco tiles blended with minimalistic polished cement walls.
The guest bedroom is spacious and bright, has direct access to the balcony and comes with a large built in closet space.

Across is the master bedroom which also has a large built in closet and en-suite bathroomin the same rustic loft style with big bath tub.

The Apartment features top of the line finishes throughout, and has kept much of it’s original charme like the restored hardwood floors, exposed beams, high ceilings, steel frame windows and mosaic tile bathroom floors.
It also adds all western comforts with built in radiator heating, new piping and wiring, as well as sattelite tv, WiFi, and much more.

View any time.
160 square meters, 3 Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room, 2 Baths and one balcony.
Fully furnished and equipped.
Asking 32’000 Rmb per month including taxes, management fee’s sattelite tv and internet.

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Completely re-renovated French Concession Lane House

Posted on November 7th, 2011 in Former French Concession, Lane House, Old House, Xuhui District

Yongjia Road Lane HouseThis Yongjia Road Lane House is going to become available at the end of this month.
It’s been completely re-renovated from top to bottom, and the landlord and well known designers have take meticulous care into only using top of the line materials and finishes throughout the house.

The 3 floor high Lane House is entered in the first floor from the back with short entrance and the Laundry and Storage room to the side, and then the entrance with shoe shelf and coat rack.

The modern western kitchen is open, and features a lot of custom storage space as well as a built in oven and water filter.
Towards the Living Room is a first an area for a dining table.
Further to the private Patio is the Lounge and the guest bathroom on the first floor.

Up the Floor are the guest bedroom with study and balcony,  as well as a full study room with terrace on the other side.
The two rooms share a guest bathroom with walk in shower which is on the second floor as well.

The Master Bedroom in the third and top floor features a comfortable study area, an en-suite bathroom with big walk in shower and a built in closet as well as a private balcony overlooking the neighboring lane houses roofs.

View any time.
3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Living Room Lounge, Storage, Laundry, Patio, Terrace, and two balconies.

Asking 33000 Rmb per month.
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Unique and Charming renovated Art Deco Lane House behind Jing’an Temple

Posted on October 29th, 2011 in Jingan District, Jingan Temple, Lane House, Loft, Old House

This wonderful Art Deco Style Lane House has just become available and is in a simply fantastic location right behind Jing’an Temple on Beijing Road and Wanhang Du Rd.

Art Deco Lane House in Shanghai for rentThe frienldy english speaking landllord (american returnee) has done a terrific job reviving the original Art-Deco flair and character of the house, while combining it with modern and stylish comfort.

The formal Entrance of the house, has some storage on the side for shoes, hanging space for coats and the laundry under the original wooden staircase of the house.

Next to it is the modern, western style kitchen (european brands mainly), with built in oven, microwave and dishwasher.
The Dual Door Refridgerator is state of the art, with plenty of storage.

The Guest Bathroom features a walk in shower and elegant tiles.
All Bathrooms in the house have under floor heating.

The huge living and dining room features all south facing french doors that you can open up to the private Patio outside, from which the house can also be entered.

The fireplace is still there, yet it has been replaced by a modern gas heater in form of a fire.
To the side, is another room with large sliding doors in art-deco style, the room can be a formal dining room, or actually maybe more suitable, another guest bedroom for guests, or a big study.

Up the stairs is first a smaller bedroom, and then the two master bedrooms, both with built in closets and elegant, spacious and luxurious bathrooms.
The larger master bedroom features high vaulted ceilings and a balcony.

Further up is the private Terrace, which is rain protected by a glass roof sitting on a shanghai style vine rack.
The Lowdown;

Beautiful floors, doors and windows, amazing detail, central water heater, central airconditioning, built in radiator heating throughout, and
complete american security system.
Asking 55’000 Rmb per month.
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Fantastic French Concession Designer Loft on Hunan Rd

French Concession Loft Apartment with private GardenIt’s always mixed feelings with these, on the one hand, feel really sad when an old customer moves back home after getting to know them over the years in Shanghai, and then again, when a place this awesome becomes available, I feel happy, because we can show it to you!

It’s a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment, with crazy “galant” polished cement style floors, high ceilings, exposed beams, open kitchen, designer furniture throughout, luxurious elegant bathrooms, and two private gardens.
Comes with floor heating, double glazed windows, new piping, wiring, sattelite tv, highspeed internet and WiFi.

Excuse the video tour, i’m off to my ASAS league football game, feel free to drop us a note below per comment with what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you with
your places in Shanghai asap.
Askign 28’000 Rmb.

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Charming French Concession Apartment with lot’s of Sunlight

This beautiful historic Apartment is situated in a charming French Concession Lane on Huaihai Rd just next to Hunan and Yongfu Road.

The Apartment has just been renovated, and now features modern western facilities and appliances together with well kept and taken care of historic charme.

Beautiful arched doorways lead to the living room and kitchen from the entrance, and lot’s of built in storage is featured on both sides of the hall.
The Modern western kitchen features beautiful european style tiles, lot’s of cabinet space, long work top, built in oven, and a sliding door to close the
open arch way to the kitchen from the living room.

Next to it is the laundry and bathroom which is designed in a tasteful modern style, and features a walk in shower.

The Master Bedroom is across the Living room and features it’s own en-suite bathroom and private balcony.
Guest Bedroom and Study are right next to it and both are well sized with big historic windows.

The Landlord has put the apartment through a complete and detailed renovation, featuring now central airconditioning, new piping, wiring, and double glazed windows.

Great Location, walking distance from the new yet totally already noteworthy salute! on Fuxing and Yongfu Rd, Lost Heaven, Ferguson Lane, the Boxing Cat Brewery, Apartment, Shiva Lounge, and many more places here, in the heart of the French Concession.
180 Square Meters, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Study, Living Room, 2 Bathrooms, big Kitchen with Dining and Breakfast table/area, and a balcony.
Asking 30’000 Rmb.
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French Concession Apartment with Brand New Renovation

Posted on October 8th, 2011 in Former French Concession, Huaihai Rd, Lane House, Old House

Historic French Concession Apartment

This beautiful old apartment has been completely re-renovated and redone.
It’s located on Huaihai Road near Wuxing Rd, in the heart of the French Concession, just a few minutes walk away from Hengshan Rd to the South, or Yongfu/Wuyuan/Anfu Rd to the North.

The Apartment is in the 5th floor of a historic apartment building, and yes, it’s a walk up.

However once inside you feel the charme and character of the space, and you can understand why people used to walk up here back in the day.

The Apartment’s Living Room Lounge is spacious and bright, and the kitchen has been opened up to directly connect with the space.
In a modern western style, the kitchen comes with good storage space, and a built in oven and water filters.
The distinct original tile floors add a wonderful character and feel of uniqueness to the space.

French Concession ApartmentTo the side is a guest bedroom or study, right next to the guest bathroom (which features a stand alone shower).

Across the hall to the west is the Master Bedroom, which has a well sized balcony and en-suite bathroom (finished soon!).
The 3rd Bedroom is across the lounge to the east and equally spacious to the master and study.

The apartment’s renovation has been carefully considered in detail, and the landlord has used only top notch materials and brands throughout.
The Radiators and double glazed windows will keep you warm during the winters despite the high ceilings, the water filter will keep (hop

efully!) your clothes from staining, the wiring, gas lines and piping which has all been replaced by brand new equipment should allow you the comfortability of any modern home anywhere.
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living Room Lounge and Dining with open kitchen. 1 Balcony.

Asking 25’000 Rmb.
160 square meters.

Call Oliver at 15900987878 or anyone at Shplace here 6431 7096.
Oh, and if you feel social, check us out on facebook.com/shplace or @shanghaiplace on twitter.

Unique Designer Loft Apartment with Brand New Renovation

French Concessin Designer LoftHow’s the holiday treating you so far? Kinda boring sitting out on the beach in paradise, so you’re looking for new pads here on SHPlace?
Well you know me’s too, macao casino dice can’t roll fast enough and I want to be back in my good ol’ french concession, sitting on my balcony looking at the peeps passing by.

Back to topic, we got this pad a while ago, but the landlord has sold it in the summer instead of renting it, and the new owner, has done a few modifications and it’s now up for rent.

The original landlord is a very well known interior designer, and he’s done an impeccable job with the pad, the entrance is unique, and gives a feel of old china brick house to you.
Then the Patio is layed out with plaster stone and some green alongside the wall, lot’s of space to sit and chillax.
You’ll enter into the lounge which features a comfy sofa, some art, and a built in BOSE Surround Sound Home Cinema System.

The Landlord’s done a great pick of old and new here, and the modern furniture blends very well with some of the stylish antiques.

Next to the Lounge is the Dining Table, hand made of natural sold wood, a tatami style reading area with built in shelves, and the modern western kitchen with oven and built in refridgerator.

Down the hall you’ll find the guest bathroom first, which features a walk in shower and simple minimalistic interior design.
The Study or guest bedroom is unique by itself and though concrete floors are found throughout, here you actually have beautiful old wooden floors, but wait, on the ceiling!

The Master Bedroom to the right has it’s own en-suite bathroom, with mediterranean style walls and big walk in shower.
The Apartment features brand new wiring, piping, gas lines and floorheating throughout.
View the pics in the full screen gallery here.

Sattelite TV, Highspeed Internet and Wifi are already set up.

View any time.
Asking 30’000 Rmb per month.
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Coming out soon, Anfu Road Loft Apartment with Heating

Posted on September 22nd, 2011 in Former French Concession, Lane House, Loft, Old House, SHPlace

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French Concession Apartment on Anfu RoadThis great pad located on Wukang Road and Anfu Road will become available at the end of next month.
It’s got a great western renovation and design, with lot’s of light, modern bathrooms and kitchen as well as spacious living and bedroom.

The Apartment also features a big balcony with a beautiful green view over the french concession lane.

The Location? Well you can argue about it, or actually no. It’s just perfect, tucked away in a lane, so real quiet, yet when you come out,
you’re immediately on one of Shanghai’s hottest French Concession Spots.
Across from the Food Central, Marienbad Cafe, Y+ Yoga, half a block (2 minutes) walk from Baker & Spice, Amokka, Mr. Willis and others.

2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living Room and big Balcony.
130 square meters.
22’000 Rmb.
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Studio Loft Apartment available again!

Posted on September 14th, 2011 in Former French Concession, Lane House, Loft, Old House, Z-rented out

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To more important and interesting things.
This beautiful apartment has just become available today! After two and a half long years the tenant has moved back to argentina and this wonderful studio loft with patio has become available again.

The Apartment is in the ground floor of a historic french concession mansion on Wukang Road just next to Ferguson Lane.

It features a living room and lounge area, and a spacious, western kitchen with built in oven and lot’s of storage space.
Above is a loft with king size bed and bathroom.
Fully furnished, Including Sattelite TV, Highspeed Internet and Wifi.
12’000 Rmb.
Call SHPlace at 6431 7096.
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