One Park Avenue Penthouse Apartment with spacious Rooftop Terrace

This modern Penthouse is in the popular Jing’an Living Complex of One Park Avenue.
It’s a duplex apartment with a large living room on the first level, from where you look behind you’ll have a large guest bedroom with spacious guest bathroom across and the kitchen on the other side of the dining and living room.

Up the stairs is first a second lounge and then to the left one study and one guest bedroom with guest bathroom, and on the right the master bedroom with a large master bathroom featuring a jacuzi style tub and walk in shower.

A few more steps up is the huge rooftop terrace with layed out wooden planks and even a small patio house.

350 square meters, 2 Living Rooms, 3 and a half bathrooms, 4 Bedrooms and huge Rooftop Terrace with all skyline Views.

48000 Rmb per month.

Stunning One Park Avenue Penthouse with huge Terrace available

Posted on April 6th, 2008 in Jingan District, Jingan Temple, One Park Ave, Penthouses

this beautiful Penthouse Apartment is in the popular One Park Avenue Compound near the Jing An Temple.
It occupies the top three floors and has a huge terrace.

The Flat is entered through a small hallway, with left and right storage for shoes and coats.
It’s got a huge living room with wonderful floor-to-ceiling windows mainly facing east and south.
There is a lot of sunlight coming in through these windows inside the living room and make this place comfortable and friendly.

The very spacious kitchen is on the other end, connected to the dining room area and has lot’s of workspace, a large pantry, microwave, filters and big fridge (oven can be added upon request).
The Laundry room is right behind it and has a hot-water washing machine and dryer.

The Duplexe’s 2nd Floor has another living room area, with lot’s of bookshelves and places to put files, movies and other stuff.
Here also is the Master Bedroom that has a walk-in closet and an en-suite bathroom with tub and walkable shower.

Up to the third floor you’ll find this places’ biggest highlight the 150sqm Terrace that has a 360-Degree City View and is beautifully done with sitting area, barbecue and storage room.

One Park Avenue offers free for all residents facilities with a huge indoor swimming-pool, club house, tennis courts, squash courts, fitness, sauna, billiards, pool and many other.

It’s very close to “in” clubs and restaurants, like muse, mint, bluefrog, and about 10minutes to Nanjing Rd and Metro Line 2.

View at any time.
Starting at 42000
Call Oliver at 15900987878

Elegantly furnished luxury Apartment in One Park Avenue

Posted on February 22nd, 2008 in Jingan District, Jingan Temple, One Park Ave

This beautiful Apartment is in the popular Keppel Land One Park Avenue Compound near Jing An Temple.

The Flat is fantastically renovated, with modern and stylish designer furniture, very bright and has 2 Bedrooms and a Study with a fantastic view over some old jing an town houses.

One enters the flat through a doorway which is very convinient for umbrella’s, shoes and other stuff that one usually doesn’t want to keep in the Apartment.
The whole flat has nice and good quality wooden floors that just add to the modernity and style of it.

It comes fully equipped with Sattelite TV, LCD Screen’s, DVD Player, Surround Sound, Washing Machine, Drying, Water Cooking, Electrical heater and Water Dispenser.

View any time. Call Oliver at 1352-488-8815 to schedule your private viewing.
23000 Rmb.
176sqm. 2 baths.

Top Floor Duplex Apartement in the One Park Avenue

Posted on January 21st, 2008 in Jingan District, Jingan Temple, One Park Ave

This is a modern top floor apartment in the popular One Park Avenue Compound near Jing An Temple and Shanghai’s Nanjing Rd.
The flat is very nicely renovated with wooden floors, windows all the way and well sized built in storage everywhere in the place.
The Apartment come’s partially furnished, with modern, artsy/oriental style furniture, with all appliances (flat screen tv, dvd, surround sound, washing machine, dryer)
and like all One Park Flats access to the One Park Avenue Club.
Which features a huge swimming pool, whirlpools, children’s pool, playroom, tennis courts, shooting range, squash, sauna, billiards, table tennis, fitness room and many more.

Being on the 34th Floor it has a fantastic and clear view over the whole compound and all the way over to Nanjing Rd, Plaza 66, the kerry center and the brand new Park Place Tower on Nanjing Rd.

The Flat has 3 full sized Bedrooms, 2 storages, 1 Study, 2 Living Rooms, and 3 bathrooms.
It’s very bright and has a good layout with 200sqm in size.

The One Park Avenue compound is a modern and very popular compound among young professionals in shanghai, it’s within walking distance of fresh mart, JiuGuang, Plaza 66, the Portman Ritz Carlton, Kerry Centre, Blue Frog, Mint, Muse, Starbucks and Line 2. (by beginning ’09 also line 8).

The Furniture and style are subject to negotiation, the landlord is ok to swap some furniture if the current style doesn’t suit the tenants taste.

View at any time.
Call Oliver at 1352-488-8815
Starting at 25000 Rmb/ Month.

the living room of the one park penthouse master bedroom of the duplex apartment in the one park avenue

Nice 2 Bedroom One Park Avenue Apartment for rent now

Posted on December 7th, 2007 in Jingan District, Jingan Temple, One Park Ave, Z-rented out

this is a beauitful and newly come out One Park Flat near Jing An Temple.

The Apartment is modernly renovated and very bright with 2 large Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms and 2 Living Rooms.
The Flat has a spacious balcony which is overviewing the southside all the way to Nanjing Rd and Jing An Temple.
It’s light colored wooden renovation makes the place look really bright and easy, the living room has some indirect lighting for a cozy hangout feeling.
There is built in storage in both rooms and window seating that make a perfect reading spot.

The Kitchen is spacious and has a connected storage and laundry room with washing machine and dryer.
The flat is equipped with WiFi Adsl. (2mb connection)

It comes with choice of furniture and appliances.
starting at 11000 Rmb.
View the video below.
Call Oliver at 1352-488-8815


4 Bedroom One Park Avenue Flat near Jing An Temple

Posted on December 4th, 2007 in Jingan District, Jingan Temple, One Park Ave, Z-rented out

This is a nice 4 Bedroom Apartment in the famous One Park Avenue Compound at Xinzha Rd near Jing An Temple.

The Apartment is nicely renovated, with 2 sizable guest rooms, 1 Study, and a Master Bedroom.
The Apartment is very bright with lot’s of large windows letting a lot of natural light fall into the place.

It’s partially furnished in a modern and simple style with option of more furniture if needed by the tenant.
The Living Room area is very spacious, with a nice view over the compound and to Nanjing Rd from the balcony.

The Flat come’s with 49″ Flatscreen TV, DVD, Bedroom LCD TV, ADSL, WiFi, Washing Machine and Dryer.
The Bathrooms are elegant and in 1 Park Avenue Style.

One Park Avenue is THE popular compound at Jing An Temple with plenty of free 4 residents facilities like Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Tennis Courts, Shooting Range, Squash, Billiards & more.

4 Bedrooms, 2 Living Rooms, 2 Bathrooms. Starting at 18000 Rmb.
View any time.
Call Oliver at 1352-488-8815

New 3 Bedroom One Park Avenue Flat near Jing An Temple

Posted on July 4th, 2007 in Jingan District, One Park Ave

This beautiful modern Apartment is in the famous One Park Avenue Compound near Jing An Temple.
One Park Avenue is a modern and well kept Apartment Complex near Changde, Xinzha and Kangping.

One Park Avenue offer a huge variety of leisure activities in the free for all tenants club Area,
there are swimming pools, fitness centre, play room, billiards room, ping pong, squash courts, and more.
There also are two Tennis Courts and a Shooting Range on the Compound.

Nearby the One Park Avenue Compound are many Restaurants like Shanghai’s First Burgerking, the famous Macanese Kitchen, brazilian barbecue and more.
Cafe’s like starbucks, costa cafe, mc cafe and a famous italian Gelaterie are also within 10 minutes foot walk.

This Apartment has 2 Bedrooms, 1 Home Office, 1 Living Room, 2 Bathrooms, and an extra Storrage as well as a Balcony overlooking Nanjing Road.
The Flat is fully furnished and already has, TV’s, DVD’s, Washing Machine, Microwave, Dryer, Adsl and Wireless Box.

View at any time.
negotiations start at 1850 US$

Call Oliver at 1352-488-8815

Also in the One Park Avenue Compound:
Another 3 Bedroom Apartment, in the middle floors, it is in generally the same, except that the storrage is missing here.

This Flat is also fully furnished and has all appliances like TV’s, DVD, Adsl, Wireless, Microwave, Washing Machine and Dryer.

Negotiations start at 13000 Rmb or circa 1700 US$

Both Landlords are offering to help change certain parts to fit every tenants unique needs.

One Park Avenue Compound

One Park Avenue Compound

The One Park Avenue Compound is located at Xinzha Road.
Finished in 2005 it’s a very new and modern Compound with very nice and modern renovations.

Very special about this Compound is that it’s got a free Club and facilities to all residents, Fitness Room, Squash, Tennis, Shooting, Pool and Snooker, Ping Pong, Washing, a huge Swimming Pool, with 2 Jacuzi’s, kid’s Pool, Sauna, Play Room for Children and more.

The Management is quick and responsive, if somethings broken it’ll be

The Location is another big Plus for the Compound, it’s about 5 to 10 minutes walk from Jing An Temple, Portman Ritz Carlton, Shanghai Center, Kerry Center, Plaza 66 and countless Restaurants, Shops, Cafe’s, Bars and Clubs.
The Metro Line 1 is just 5 Minutes Walk away.

Prices for the Compound vary upwards, usually you can expect a 3 Bedroom to cost between 10500 and 14000 Rmb though there’s some Landlords that ask for as much as 18000 Rmb.
2 Bedrooms should cost between 7500 Rmb and 10000 Rmb. Here You’ll also find some for more.
Shplace doesn’t carry overpriced Premises, check out our Offers here:

New 3 Bedroom in a high Floor with modern happy furniture in the One Park Avenue Compound 13500 Rmb in the 32th Floor!

Beautiful 3 Bedroom, wooden Walls inside One Park Avenue Compound in the 37th Floor!

Top Floor One Park Avenue Apartment

Nice One Park Avenue Apartment near Jing An Temple

Posted on March 8th, 2007 in Jingan District, Jingan Temple, One Park Ave, Z-rented out

This is a very beautiful and modern Jing An Temple Apartment with a nice view from the 34th Floor on Nanjing Road.
The Flat has 1 Masterbedroom, 1 Guestroom, 1 Study, 1 1/2 Living Rooms and 2 Bathrooms.
Inside are Washing Machine and it’s got a 42 Inch Flatscreen TV, DVD, Soundsystem, Microwave, Exercise Bycicle and more.

One Park Avenue is famous for it’s Club that’s free to all residents.
It’s got Fitness, Sauna, Swimming, Billiard/Pool, Ping Pong, Squash, Tennis, Golf, Dancing and many other leisure possibilities.

The most important asset to this place is the nice and young landlords, they are in their early twenties, very fun and easy to deal with.
They’d like everything to go smooth and want to leave the apartment to the friendlist and not the highest bidder.
So pretty much everything is negotiable.
There are many nice apartments out there, but only a few landlords like that.

Rent is starting at 13500 Rmb,
and as usual there is no Agents Fee.

Call 13524888815, the Apartment can be viewed at any time.

Beautiful 3 Bedroom in One Park Avenue near Jing An Temple

Posted on March 4th, 2007 in Jingan District, Jingan Temple, One Park Ave, Z-rented out

This is a beautiful 3 Bedroom Apartment with it’s very own and unique furnishing at One Park Avenue,
The Compound is quite known, has lot’s of feautures and a club that is free to all residents.
Sauna, a few Swimming Pools, Fitness Center, Dance Room, Laundry, Ping Pong Pool, Childrens Play room and much more.

The Apartment is new, has 1 Master Bedroom, a Guestroom and an Home Office, Living and connected dining room are large and very bright.
You can open the windows in the south and north of the Living Room.

Rent is 14000 Rmb and the Apartment can be visited at any time.

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