Beautiful Huating Court French Concession boutique Apartment

One of these beautiful boutique style apartments in the heart of the French Concession is available again.

The Huating Court features a western renovation with lot’s of light, tasteful furnishing and top of the line finishes with western style modern bathrooms and a big kitchen with built in oven and dishwashers.
The Apartment is 180 square meters large and has 3 Bedrooms, 2 full and one half bathroom, balcony, and a big living room as well as a laundry area.

Hongkong Managed and Serviced.
29000 Rmb ¬†including management fee’s, internet and taxes.
Get more detailed info on this great French Concession Property here.
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Fantastic Fuxing Rd Loft Apartment Available again!

This beautiful Fuxing Road loft Apartment is located in the heart of the French Concession (and right next to our office too!).

It features a spacious bright living room with a contemporary open kitchen in western style and built in oven.
Above the kitchen is a loft, that would make a great study and high vaulted ceilings with sky window!

The south facing room has a long window front with long sitting area (great for reading) that looks into the green very un-shanghai-like

The Guest Bedroom is in the north of the apartment and the guest bathroom is right next to it with a walk in shower and blue mosaic tiles.

The Master Bedroom features a huge built in glass balcony with amazing light and a modern contemporary style bathroom with tub.

View any time.
2 bedrooms, 1 loft, 1 living room, open western kitchen, and 2 bathrooms.
Comes with built in radiator heating, washing machine and dryer, adsl internet, sattelite TV, microwave, oven, flatscreen TV and DVD Player.
It’s also fully furnished in a simple, comfortable style.

The Apartment is conveniently located next to the new Pho Real on Fuxing Road near Huaihai Rd, and just a few minutes walk to the Changshu Road Metro Station.
Next door is a convenience store, and the international supermarkets pine’s and Fei Dan are about 15 minutes walk from the flat (as is Baker and Spice and other Restaurants and Pads on Anfu Road).
Asking 27’000 Rmb.

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Historic and charming Wukang Road Apartment available again soon

This beautiful colonial apartment is located on Wukang Road (formerly known as ferguson lane) near Tai’an Road in one of the most charming areas in the French Concession.

The Apartment’s got a wonderful renovation, it features high ceilings with beautiful original style†moldings, hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and modern, western style kitchen and bathrooms.

The apartment is entered by the kitchen which is super modern, with western style, lot’s of custom storage, big work top, built in oven, and built in microwave.

Next is the big living room with dining table, and lounge, there is a large bookshelf at the TV wall and the spot lights to highlight pictures and galleries.

The two bedrooms are to the other side, and the master bedroom comes with a big closet.

The Bathroom has a big walk in glass shower, the LG Tromm Washing Machine and Dryer is also installed in the bathroom.

Up the stairs in the master bedroom is an additional reading and office room.
Available in mid November.
Asking 17000 Rmb, with ADSL, WiFi, and Sattelite TV, Fully Furnished.
Call Oliver at 15900987878.
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Super large, spacious and modern Wellington Garden Apartment

This ultramodern apartment in the popular, and exclusive Wellington Garden Complex on Huaihai Rd at the west end of the former French Concession has just become available.

A 240 square meter large unit, this apartment boasts a huge, bright living room, that is open, with a south facing floor-to-ceiling window side, lounge and designated dining area.

The modern western kitchen is an all built in Siemens unit, with lot’s of custom cabinet space, built in Siemens Oven, Microwave, and two door refridgerators.
There is plenty of work space, and the modern, clean feel is a real boon to any hobby chef.

Through the back is a full sized laundry area, storage room and maid’s bathroom.

The first room down the hall is the guest bedroom with en-suite bath, it’s spacious, and south facing.
Across is a guest bathroom, with large walk-in shower, and a big study room.

The extra spacious master bedroom is at the east end of the hall, it features a large window corner, a walk-in closet and a big master bathroom with tub and walk-in shower.

The Wellington Garden Apartment features a top modern renovation, central airconditioning, extremely well sealed, double glazed windows and extra privacy because of the private elevator entrances.

3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 2 Living Rooms, Ultramodern Siemens Kitchen, Storage room and balcony.
Asking 27000 Rmb per month.
Call Oliver at 15900987878

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Wonderful Fuxing Park Apartment with unique character

Fuxing Park Apartment living roomThis charmingly unique apartment is located in one o f puxi’s hottest area’s right on Yandang Road at the Fuxing Park Gate.
The apartment is in the third floor of a historic colonial condominium and has been beautifully restored.

The apartment has a nice entrance area, with shoe cabinet, coat hangers and big mirror.

The spacious livingroom has a lounge and a designated dining area with big 12 seat dining table.

The open kitchen is modern and big, with lot’s of custom cabinet space, shelves, built in oven, toaster and microwave.
A guest bathroom with walk in shower is located right next to transition area from kitchen to dining room.

The whole apartment is renovated with top of the line finishes which includes double glazed windows, heated floors, bathroom heaters, central†air conditioning, insulated walls, indirect lighting and more.

fuxing park apartment home theaterThe guest bedroom has been transformed to a home cinema with a sony digital surround sound system, big lcd screen, and hdmi dvd player.
Across the hall is the super large master bedroom, with built in balcoy, walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom.

A not able to top location, outside are multiple “in style” western, chinese and fusion restaurants, obviously all the bars in fuxing park (including muse, richy, & others), shops and the metro station is just 3 blocks full of shops, bakeries, jewelers, banks and more restaurants away.
Through Fuxing Park to Fuxing middle road you’ll be able to enjoy shanghai’s loving french concession charme, and a few minutes into the other direction you are at Xintiandi, shanghai’s famous must-visit spot.

View at any time.
Call Oliver at 15900987878†or Jimmy at 13818232004,
to view this shanghai apartment for rent.

Asking 22000 Rmb.
Equipped with satellite tv & adsl internet.
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Fantastic Wanping Road Loft to be available again!

Posted on November 5th, 2009 in Former French Concession, Huaihai Rd, Loft, Xuhui District

This beautiful Wan Ping Road ground floor loft will soon be available again (beginning of january 2010).

The Flat is a cozy and warm 2 Bedroom apartment in an old building the charming french concession alley Wan Ping Road near Huaihai Road.

The Apartment features a modern contemporary design, with a stylish and bright open kitchen and bright lounge.

The Master Bedroom is super spacious with a large build in closet and contemporary bathroom with floors and walls in a rustic style.

In the East-side of the place is a 2nd en-suite bedroom with built-in closet (with walk-in shower).

The Living room and bedroom are connected through a cool round chinese style sliding door.

It also features a large garden with wooden floors and bench, a lighted bamboo

View any time.
Call Oliver at 15900987878
Asking 16000 Rmb.

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Open Huaihai Rd Loft apartment with lot’s of historic details

This newly available loft apartment is located in the third floor of a historic apartment complex on Huaihai Rd.
The unique place features an entrance hallway through which you can see all parts of the apartmant thanks to the open layout.

It has an open style kitchen (which can be seperated through “rollados”), with lot’s of working space, storage, custom cabinets and shelves, oven, microwave and a breakfast nook.

The Livingroom is quite spacious and thanks to the connected open kitchen feels even more so, it also adds extra life and challenges the commonplace look of other apartments in shanghai.
The room also features a quality media set-up, with surround sound, Flatscreen TV, DVD and Satellite TV.

The Two Bedrooms are both spacious and bright, the western one is slightly bigger, and has an extra storage unit.
The other bedroom has a sofabed.

Additional charme is added by the original tile-floors in the bathroom and kitchen.
The Bathroom is large and has a bathtub.
Asking 15000 Rmb.
View any time.
Call Oliver at 15900987878.

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Modern Lane House, yet with charming Details at the Fr. Concessions famous Huaihai Rd.

This wonderful Huaihai Road Lane House is being newly retouched after recently being vacanted.
The House is very spacious and well cut, with 4 large bedrooms and 2 smaller bedrooms on the typical lane house half-floors.
The Old Villa features a large entertainment area on the first floor, with 2 big living rooms and a dining room area that open up to the veranda and garden.

The House is newly renovated, and features top of the line finishes throughout, redone piping, electrical wiring, gas lines, high speed internet, satellite TV, build in radiators and heated floors.

The Chef’s Kitchen is contemporary modern, in where the art-deko floor blends in perfectly.
It features lot’s of custom storage, lot’s of cabinets, cupboards, shelves and more.

The Master Bedroom on the middle Floor is very spacious and bright and features a large balcony which is entered through the charming arched doors.
The Bathroom is en-suite and has a walk-in shower.

The Guestrooms are just as spacious, but share a full bathroom.
On the top floor is a very big private terrace that has a fantastic view of the infamous ShangFang Garden Lane.

The Garden is about 100 square meters large and will be re-done.
View at any time.
Asking 45000 Rmb, including taxes, management. 300 square meters.
Call Oliver at 15900987878.
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Charming Huaihai Rd Apartment with historic details

This charming old style Apartment is located in the historic Shang Fang Garden Complex on Huaihai Rd near Changshu Rd.
The 2nd Floor two bedroom flat is very spacious (about 130 square meters), and bright.

It’s rectangle shaped Living room is about 20 square meters large and has lot’s of windows that overlook the front garden and lane-way.

The Apartment still features lot’s of charming historic details, like the moldings in the ceiling, the original hardwood floors, and the wooden doors.†

The Kitchen is large and modern, with lot’s of work space, oven, and dishwasher. It is also bright and has enough space to add a breakfast nook.

The Master Bedroom is en-suite, bright, and spacious, with a rounded southside and lot’s of windows to it. The Bath comes with tub and tropic shower head. The guestbath features a walk-in shower.

The Guestroom is well sized too.
The Apartment is currently unfurnished but fully equipped with LCD Flatscreen, Satellite TV, ADSL & Wireless, Washing Machine, Dryer, DVD Player, Dishwasher, Oven and Microwave.
Landlord is open to add stuff.

The Location is a boon, across (literally across, like 50m? from the subway station changshu Rd line 1, nearby lot’s of restaurants on anfu rd, huaihai and hengshan. Close to Bars (Hengshan Rd, Taojiang Rd…& more), convinience store just on Fuxing Rd and Office Buildings K.Wah, The Center and Huaihai Plaza are within a short walking distance.
Asking 21K Rmb. 130 square meters, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms.
Call Oliver at 15900987878

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Wonderful Huaihai Road Loft with Terrace

This charmingly unique apartment is on the top floor of an 1930′s French Concession Mansion at Huaihai and Yongfu Road right across the Shanghai Library.

The Flat has undergone a brand new renovation, and features lot’s of historic details.
It’s entered through a 2.7m high door, and features an open-style living room with very high ceilings, and open kitchen.

It’s modern interior blends in well with the historic detail of the apartment, the master bedroom is decorated in a colorful art deco style.
It features a gallery at the super high ceilings.†

The Kitchen has good storage space below, and has an oven.

The exposed original ceilings add a very unique looking feel to the room.
The Master Bedroom has even higher ceilings, and can directly enter to the south-west facing terrace.

It features stylish details and is very bright.
Call Oliver at 15900987878.
Asking 12000 Rmb. (including taxes, adsl and management)