Exclusive Shanghai Timesquare Apartment Loft

Shanghai Timesquare Apartment luxurious designer interiorA beautiful state of the art modern downtown residence in the heart of Shanghai.
It’s inside the Shanghai Timesquare Complex, being super convenient,
with all it’s luxury stores and restaurants in it, as well as of course the ever popular City Shop.

Located in the higher floors, from this sexy designer apartment, you can overview all of the Puxi Skyline.

The open layout features a large living room lounge, with connected dining area and open western style kitchen (fitted out with all appliances and  even comes with all tupperware).

An open study is connected to the living room by sliding doors, and the dramatic floor to ceiling windows.
Across is the Guest Bedroom and Guest Bathroom with walk in shower and tub.

The Master Bedroom in the back features a huge built in closet, an elegant and stylish bathroom and a small storage room.

Of course the pad wouldn’t be a true Shanghai luxury property without the built in pioneer surround sound system, multimedia living room with smart-tv (android), sattelite tv channels, dvd and blue ray player as well as high speed internet and wireless.

Asking 56’000 Rmb (depending on floor availability, lower floors are slightly less, and higher ones more).

283 square meters, in 2 Bedrooms, 1 Study, Living and Dining, Open Kitchen and dressing area.
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The Gascogne Place, refurbished colonial style luxury apartments

Gascogne Place Serviced ApartmentsThe Gascogne Apartments are large high end apartments in the heart of the former french concession.
And just this month we have two (one already, one end of the month) newly available 340 square meter 3 plus 1 Bedroom units.

The Apartments are both identical in layout, size and furnishing, both are tastefully renovated with large open kitchen (can be closed by sliding glass doors), and elegant luxurious bathrooms as well as big walk in closets and spacious balconies.

It’s definitely a stylish, unique and exclusive option (only 24 units) for those who seek a charming historical property, yet do not want to give up on the modern luxuries a serviced condo can offer.
The Management is available throughout the day and service and maintenance guys are also on site in case the tenants should need them.

It’s a quick walk (5 min. max) north to the Donghu Road area with Elementfresh, Wagas, NY Pizza, Cantina Agave, Craft and the likes, and just about 10-15 minutes walk to the popular Anfu Road area in the east.

The current asking rentals are 54’000 and 59000 Rmb (4th and 8th floor) for the two apartments for rent at the Gascogne Place.
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Downtown Shanghai Colonial Apartment available again

Posted on April 1st, 2012 in Huaihai Rd, Loft, Old House, Xuhui District

This colonial Apartment is just a block from Sinan Mansions and within walking distance of Xintiandi.
The apartment’s just become available again and is a 2 bedroom, 2 Bathroom space with big living room and open kitchen.

It features a quality, modern renovation with art deco style it’s features include central water filter, radiator heating, high speed internet and sattelite tv amongst others.
More details to follow soon.
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Just renovated super charming French Concession Studio

This beautiful apartment is located in the former Maison Mode art deco apartment building on Huaihai Road and Changshu Road right on top of the Metro Stop.

The Apartment features a brand new renovation, with wonderful historic details such as the original hardwood floors, high ceilings, art deko tile floors in the bathroom and original steel windows with the brass handles.
It’s charm is blended perfectly with all the modern comforts of a 21st century home, like the open kitchen with built in oven and fridge, the built in radiator heating, two layers of double glazed windows, new piping and central water heaters and pumps.

It’s located in the heart of the french concession, and close to all the trend spots on Julu Road, Anfu Road and Wulumuqi Road.
Watch the Video Tour below.

50 square meters.
Asking 11000 Rmb per month.
Fully furnished and equipped with all appliances.
Call Oliver at 15900987878.

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Charming French Concession Apartment full of Character

French Concession Property picture of the open kitchen

To much to read? Watch the commented video tour below.

This beautiful and charming apartment is in a historic garden house in the heart of the former French Concession on Huaihai Road near Gao’an Road right across Shanghai Library and next to the Ambassy Club.

The Apartment features a brand new renovation and restoration which has just been completed.
It’ s in the second floor of the french concession house, and entered through the bright and spacious living room lounge.

Next to which is the open kitchen that features a smooth modern surface with all built in appliances (fridge, oven and microwave).
A few steps down from the dining room and open kitchen is the study room which has a built in bookshelf and view of the lane.

The guest bathroom is right across the guest bedroom and features a large walk in shower and cool original art deco tiles blended with minimalistic polished cement walls.
The guest bedroom is spacious and bright, has direct access to the balcony and comes with a large built in closet space.

Across is the master bedroom which also has a large built in closet and en-suite bathroomin the same rustic loft style with big bath tub.

The Apartment features top of the line finishes throughout, and has kept much of it’s original charme like the restored hardwood floors, exposed beams, high ceilings, steel frame windows and mosaic tile bathroom floors.
It also adds all western comforts with built in radiator heating, new piping and wiring, as well as sattelite tv, WiFi, and much more.

View any time.
160 square meters, 3 Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room, 2 Baths and one balcony.
Fully furnished and equipped.
Asking 32’000 Rmb per month including taxes, management fee’s sattelite tv and internet.

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French Concession Apartment with Brand New Renovation

Posted on October 8th, 2011 in Former French Concession, Huaihai Rd, Lane House, Old House

Historic French Concession Apartment

This beautiful old apartment has been completely re-renovated and redone.
It’s located on Huaihai Road near Wuxing Rd, in the heart of the French Concession, just a few minutes walk away from Hengshan Rd to the South, or Yongfu/Wuyuan/Anfu Rd to the North.

The Apartment is in the 5th floor of a historic apartment building, and yes, it’s a walk up.

However once inside you feel the charme and character of the space, and you can understand why people used to walk up here back in the day.

The Apartment’s Living Room Lounge is spacious and bright, and the kitchen has been opened up to directly connect with the space.
In a modern western style, the kitchen comes with good storage space, and a built in oven and water filters.
The distinct original tile floors add a wonderful character and feel of uniqueness to the space.

French Concession ApartmentTo the side is a guest bedroom or study, right next to the guest bathroom (which features a stand alone shower).

Across the hall to the west is the Master Bedroom, which has a well sized balcony and en-suite bathroom (finished soon!).
The 3rd Bedroom is across the lounge to the east and equally spacious to the master and study.

The apartment’s renovation has been carefully considered in detail, and the landlord has used only top notch materials and brands throughout.
The Radiators and double glazed windows will keep you warm during the winters despite the high ceilings, the water filter will keep (hop

efully!) your clothes from staining, the wiring, gas lines and piping which has all been replaced by brand new equipment should allow you the comfortability of any modern home anywhere.
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living Room Lounge and Dining with open kitchen. 1 Balcony.

Asking 25’000 Rmb.
160 square meters.

Call Oliver at 15900987878 or anyone at Shplace here 6431 7096.
Oh, and if you feel social, check us out on facebook.com/shplace or @shanghaiplace on twitter.

Beautiful Shanxi Road Loft Apartment with unique all new Renovation & Terrace

Shanxi Road Loft Apartment with TerraceThis wonderful Apartment is located in an old apartment building on Shanxi Road near Huaihai Road, just behind the Parksons Mall.

Located on the third floor, this apartment has been newly renovated and is now more or less finished.

The Apartment is entered into the open kitchen and Dining Area, with Bar, and next to the entrance is a small storage space on the right.
The western Kitchen features a super modern style, with lot’s of storage, work space, built in oven, dishwasher and two door refrigerator.
Quality Appliances and Materials only!

The Master Bedroom is in the west of the Apartment with a huge open bathroom and art-deco bath tub with rain shower head.

The Eastside of the Apartment is a huge Living Room Lounge (the tub goes away!) with all glass windows for lot’s of sunlight from all directions.
To the North is the the glass door to the big private Terrace which will feature a wooden floor.
Built in Radiators,

1 Bedroom, 1+1 Living Rooms, 2 Bathrooms. 100 Square meters plus 30 square meter outdoor space.
Asking 25’000 Rmb, including furniture, all taxes and management.

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Available Again

This is a quick repost from an apartment that was newly renovated in spring, it’s just become available again and seems like it’s just as lovely.
The Flat features 1 Bedroom and 1 Living room that can be connected to to the Lounge via the sliding glass doors to create one large open living area.

The western style open kitchen is white and simple, has a built in oven some storage and a dining table for four people next to it.
The guest bathroom is designed in a contemporary style, with black ceramic tiles, elegant mirror and large art-deco tub and it’s right
next to the guest bedroom or study (with a pull out sofabed).

View any time. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Living Room 1 and a half bedrooms. 18’000 Rmb.
Fully furnished, with Flatscreen TV, Sattelite, Bosch Fridge and Washing Machine, ADSL and Wifi.
Simply leave a message below to any of our agents or get in touch with us per phone.
Call Oliver at 15900987878 or anyone at the office via 6431 7096.
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Fantastic Downtown French Concession Loft Apartment with Brand New Renovation

This beautiful historic french concession home has just undergone a brand new renovation in which the landlord upgraded and replaced all wiring, piping and lines.

It’s in a top floor of an old lane house from back in the colonial time.
The Loft style apartment is entered through the large, original wooden staircase and into the bright and charming living lounge with open kitchen.

It’s western style kitchen has good storage space, a double door refrigerator,  built in oven and water filter, long counter top and smartly placed power outlets.

Next to it is a dining area with a table for six, and out front the open lounge with a loft style fireplace dividing the areas.

There is lot’s of built in shelf space and storage as well and by the side to the master bedroom is a bathroom with big tub and old style tile floors.

The Master Bedroom features huge built in closet space, with pull out shelves, lot’s of rails, drawers and cabinets.

Up the Floor is a second loft bedroom with exposed ceiling beams, study area, built in closet space and sky window.

The Place is located right in the heart of Downtown Shanghai on Huaihai Road and Rujin Road.
Next door are countless shopping malls and restaurants (citta for example), cafe’s (starbucks), Parkson, international supermarket City Shop, and many other conveniences including the Number 1 Line Subway Station Shanxi Road.

2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Living rooms, 130 square meters.
Asking 25000 Rmb per month.
Leave a comment below with your requirements and we will get back to you asap.
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State of the art, modern, western Style Shanghai Timesquare Apartment

This beautiful, modern, bright and super spacious 2 Bedroom and 1 Study Apartment is situated in a high floor right in Downtown Puxi’s Huaihai Road’s Shanghai Timesquare Mall and Towers.

The huge, open apartment has been designer renovated and features a big western style open kitchen, with lot’s of indirect lighting and all built in appliances (inlcuding microwave, oven, and dishwashers), and a breakfast bar with extra storage.

The whole apartment features large floor-to-ceiling windows, with amazing downtown views, the living room is extra bright, with lot’s of sofa seating and
entertainment space, as well as a dining area for 6.

The apartment has 1 guest bedroom, and 1 study right next to the guest bathroom which is elegant and modern and comes with a walk in shower and

The Master Bedroom to the other side of the Apartment has a huge en-suite bathroom, with extra big tub, and simplistic modern design.
There also is a lot of built in closet space and good shelf and cabinet storage throughout.

The apartment is located right atop the mall, on the 27th floor.
The Lane Crawford, Timesquare Mall also has a western cafe and bakery with real, whole weat rye bread and other specialities, the all shanghai famous
City Shop in the basement and lot’s of restaurants and boutiques.

Within Walking Distance is Huaihai Rd and it’s countless malls, boutiques and office towers, and Xintiandi, probably one of Shanghai’s most famous and desired areas.
283 square meters.
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 2 Living Rooms.
Asking 50’000 Rmb per month.
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