Yanlord Riverside Garden (changning) Penthouse with a breathtaking view

Posted on February 17th, 2008 in Changning District, Yanlord Riverside

This fantastic 3 Bedroom Apartment is in the famous and very popular family compound Yanlord Riverside Garden in Chaning.

The Apartment has just come available and is mainly furnished.
The Flat is well cut, through the door you first enter a small changing area with big shoe-shelve and hanging space for clothes.

To the left is the spacious living room, that is connected but yet divided with the dining room (view pics below for reference).
It’s very bright because there is a lot of sunlight beaming through the windows at the open terrace.

The View from here is just incredible, one can either look down at the fantastic and Resort like Yanlord Riverside Garden Compound or over all the buildings to either Zhongshan Park or Downtown. You’ll feel like on top of the world.

The Flat also has 2 more Bedrooms, and a storage or maid’s room.
The Master bedroom comes with walkable closet and big Bathroom.
Like other 3rd Phase Apartments this one also comes with floorheating ’round the whole flat and built in oven.

Fully equipped, with LCD Screen TV’s, Washing and Drying, ADSL, WiFi, DVD, Fridge, and Microwave.
Additions may be made upon the new tenants request.
View any time.
Renting at 25000 Rmb.
Call Oliver at 15900987878

Newly Come out Yanlord Riverside 3 Bedroom Apartment

Posted on February 3rd, 2008 in Changning District, Gubei, Yanlord Riverside

This newly vacated flat is in the Yanlord Riverside Garden Complex in Changning.
The Flat, which is in Yanlord’s 3rd Phase, has 2 big Living Rooms, 1 Office and one walkable Closet or big storage. (originally maid’s room).
The Flat is on a high floor and with a great view on the inner compound.
It features a spacious living room with independent entry area for jackets, shoe’s and other things.
The Living room is partially connected with the dining room and kitchen, yet the area’s are clearly divided by the smart cut.

On the southside is the spacious and famous Yanlord Riverside Balcony, that’s even large enough to have a small private green on the 20th Floor.

The Apartment also has a spacious master bedroom with big walkable closets and a two person bathroom complete with shower and bathtub.

The Place comes fully furnished and equipped with 2 LCD’s, DVD, Sat TV, ADSL, Wifi, Washing Machine and Dryer, built in Oven and Microwave, and heated floors.

View at any time.
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183 sqm. Starting at 23000 Rmb.

Yanlord Riverside is a super popular compound among expat families in Shanghai, it features great leisure time activities like the artificial beach like outdoor pool, an indoor pool, several tennis, squash, basketball, football courts, shooting ranges, a gymnasium, barbecue park, huge playgrounds and much more.
The Compound is also preferred because of it’s easy access to the highway, as many people that live in Yanlord work in the outer districts. And it’s high quality standard that’s rarely seen this well in Shanghai.

Beautiful 3 Bedroom Apartment in the Yanlord Riverside Garden Changning

Posted on January 26th, 2008 in Changning District, Yanlord Riverside

this is a beautiful Apartment in the famous and very family-popular Yanlord Compound on Furongjiang rd in Changning.
The Flat is in the 2nd Phase, and it’s very nicely and modernly furnished with modern oriental and modern style fittings.

The Flat is very bright, with lot’s of windows, facing south and west in the 18th floor with a good view of the compound facilities and gardens.

The Flat is a 160sqm large, with big balcony, 3 Rooms, 2 Livingrooms, 2 Baths, storage and Laundry area.
Currently rented until the end of February, the flat can already be viewed on weekends. (please with one day notice).

Very well kept, the Apartment can also be adjusted to special needs of the new tenant.

The Yanlord Riverside Compound is probably the most popular family compound in the area, it’s huge outdoor swimming pool, many awesome and huge playgrounds, indoor swimming pool,
gym, football and basketball courts, tennis courts and huge huge balconies make it a very fun place to live and escape the city jungle when coming home.
All major international schools stop here, and the city shop makes weekend markets in the compound bringing foreign cheese, bread, yoghurt, cereal and many others.

View any time.
Call Oliver 15900-987878

Starting at 16500 (including, management (with clubcards), and taxes)

Unique 1st Floor Garden Apartment in the Yanlord Riverside Garden

Posted on November 29th, 2007 in Changning District, Yanlord Riverside

This is a nice and totally unique 1st Floor Apartment in the famous and “expat popular” Yanlord Riverside Garden Compound in Puxi.

The Flat is nicely renovated has gotten a new repainting and the standard Yanlord Double Glazed windows, extra large water boilers, built in oven, and central air-conditioning.

The Apartment come’s partially furnished, in a modern and simple style with light colored furnitures, edgy new art light fixtures and built-in indirect lighting and easy curtains and railings.

The Flat has  a nice flair on the 1st floor with a bigger than usual balcony/garden/terrace.

The Flat has 3 Bedrooms, 2 Living Rooms, 2 Bathrooms and is 150sqm big.
View at any time.
Starting at 16500 Rmb.
Call Oliver at 159 0098 7878

Yanlord Riverside Garden is one of Shanghai’s most popular and desired address to live.
The Compound offers great leisure and relaxation facilities, it has an huge outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool,
sanded artificial beach (which’s got the perfect size for beach volleyball), outdoor football, basketball and hockey fields,
tennis courts, sauna, cafe, barbecue, indoor gymnasium with badminton, squash, dance rooms and gymnastics field,
fitness center, shooting range and yes, many more.

Beautiful 3 Bedroom in the Yanlord Riverside Garden Puxi

Posted on November 22nd, 2007 in Changning District, Yanlord Riverside

This is a nice and just opened up 3 Bedroom Apartment in the Yanlord Riverside Garden Complex in Puxi.

It’s modernly renovated in the standard Yanlord Style, has 2 Bedrooms, 1 Study and a living room.
The Flat is nicely cut and fully furnished with modern, stylish and comfortable furniture.
All rooms are very bright, with a lot of natural light and the bathrooms are spacious and elegant, the master bedroom also has a walkable closet.

It’s on a middle floor and very bright with a lot of natural light falling into the windows.

The Flat come’s with central air-conditioning, washing machine, dryer, extra water heater,  water filter, built in microwave, built in oven, adsl and WiFi, TV, DVD and Sattelite Channels.

Yanlord Rivcerside Garden is a very popular compound with huge facilities with features like a large outdoor swimming pool, artificial beach, indoor swimming, gymnasium, fitness center, sauna, spinning, pool, tennis courts (4) outdoor football and basketball fields, shooting range and many more.

3Bdrs, 163sqm.
Starting at 18000 Rmb.
View any time.
Call Oliver at 15900987878.

Bautiful Yanlord Riverside Apartment with wonderful View

Posted on October 23rd, 2007 in Changning District, Yanlord Riverside

This beautiful Yanlord Riverside Apartment is available from now on and is in the 3rd Phase of the famous compound in Puxi.
The Flat has like all other 3rd Phase Apartments floor heating, spacious kitchen with built in oven and microwave, extra water heater and filter, double glazed windows, insulated walls and central airconditioning.

The Flat is on the 33rd Floor and has a fantastic view on the compound from one side and on the suzhou river from the other side.

It’s already simply  furnished in a modern and warm colored style and has LCD Screen’s TV, DVD Player, Sattelite (with HBO, CNN, CNBC, BBC, Star Sports, AXN and more), Hot Water Washing Machine, Dryer, ADSL and WiFi.

Yanlord Riverside Garden is one of the most popular choices among expats in Puxi,
it’s recreational services are unbeaten (out-door and indoor swimming, sauna, huge gymnasium, fitness center, restaurant, barbecue and many more), the location is very convinient (across metro 2, close to zhongshan Park, highway and near shops and 10 minutes taxi to carrefour), the quality of the house fantastic and the city shop cart comes by every saturday and sunday as well as all major schoolbuses stop here.

View any time.
Starting from 34000 Rmb.
Call Oliver at 1352-488-8815


New Yanlord Riverside Apartment 3 Bedrooms, 188sqm

Posted on June 25th, 2007 in Changning District, Yanlord Riverside

This brand New Yanlord Riverside Apartment has just been furnished and renovated and the landlord only lived in the premises for about
6 months.
The apartment is in the newest phase of the Yanlord Riverside Garden in Puxi has 3 Bedrooms, 2 Living Rooms, 1 Storrage, Maidroom, 2 Balconies,
1 very spacious western equipped kitchen and hall entry.

It comes partially furnished, and the landlord is going to give a budget for buying the missing furniture and electrical appliances.

Yanlord Riverside Garden offers many Leisure activities and is the ultimate family home.
With huge Outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, weekly barbecue events for families, large playground, tennis courts, basketball field, football field, shooting range, badminton, gymnasium, squash, fitness center, sauna and more Yanlord Riverside has it all.

Across the street is the No 2. Metro Line entry that connects you with Jing An Temple, People’s Square, Nanjing Rd and Lujiazui.

Yanlord Riverside offers one of the highest western standard apartments in shanghai with built in oven, floor heating, central airconditioning, double glazed windows, high security systems and warmwashing machines.

View at any time.
Rent is 21300 Rmb.

Call Oliver at 1352-488-8815
As usual no agents fee at shplace.com

Yanlord Riverside 3 plus 1 Apartment in phase 3 overlooking the outdoor pool

Posted on June 20th, 2007 in Changning District, Yanlord Riverside

Beautiful 3 plus 1 Bedroom Apartment, only partially furnished is now available in building 27 of the Yanlord Riverside Compound.
The Landlord will buy the additional furniture with the tenant.
Phase 3 is the newest of the Yanlord Riverside Garden on FuRongjiang road,
bigger ovens and floorheating system is extra here.

The Apartment has a very good cut, facing south north and east.
Yanlord Riverside Garden is one of the most family friendly Compound in Puxi, with large indoor Gymnasium, indoor and outdoor Pool, weekly barbecues, huge playground, basketball field, football field, badminton, squash and more.

Only 10 minutes to Carrefour, Gubei CBD,
and every Saturday morning the City Supermarkt holds a open market place to buy foreign goods in the Compound.

View at any time,

Negotiations start at 22000 Rmb (fully furnished)
Call Oliver 1352-488-8815

Pictures below are from an earlier Unit with the same cut and view,

New 4 Bedroom Yanlord Riverside Garden Apartment

Posted on May 10th, 2007 in Changning District, Yanlord Riverside

This beautiful 4 Bedroom Apartment is 246 sqm large (2647.9 square feet) .
Nicely and modern decorated 3 Bedrooms 1 Office. 2 Balconies, the main balcony has a small area for planting some green.
The Apartment has a great view on the compound, is very bright.
Yanlord Riverside Garden in Changning is located at Furongjiang Road not far away from the No 2 Metro Line.And has:

  • Central Airconditioning
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • extra large Fridge
  • Home Media Centre
  • Large TV
  • Flatscreen in the Bedroom
  • Nice Tatami Style Bedroom
  • Dryer
  • Washing Machine
  • including Club Membership
  • DVD
  • Sattelite TV

and more.
View at any time.
Call oliver at 1352-488-8815
As usual no agents fee at Shplace for the tenants.
3800$ rent.

3 Bedroom Duplex in Vernal Garden Compound Hongqiao

This beautiful Apartment has two storeys, is nearly 200sqm big, newly renovated with 3 Bedrooms, 1 Study, 1 Living Room, Storrage, Balcony, and 2 Baths.

Inside are DVD, 2 TV’s, Oven, Stove, Fridge, Sattelite TV (HBO, CNN, CNBC, DW etc.), Broadband and Wireless Internet.
The apartment is fully furnished in a nice and modern style.

Inside the Compound are many playgrounds, convinience store, restaurant, guesthouse / hotel, cafe, swimming pool, massage sauna and more.

Pines The Market Place nearby.
The Vernal Garden Compound is a very large and well managed Expatriate Compound in Gubei.
Many Restaurants and International Hotels are nearby.

real bargain, 1400 US$, or 10700 Rmb
View at any time.
Call 1352 488 8815 for Oliver