Awesome City Condo Apartment with super high ceilings

Shanghai Apartment in GubeiWe just got this beautiful City Condo Apartment in the middle of the Hongqiao Central Business District.
The Apartment features unusal high ceilings (nearly 4 meters), a spacious balcony
and big open rooms with lot’s of sunlight.

Like all City Condo apartment it features central air conditioning throughout and  underfloor heating
in all bathrooms.

City Condo has direct access to the Parkson Mall (parkson international supermarket, starbucks amongst others as tenants), it’s own outdoor swimming pool, fitness center and beauty spa.

170 square meters.
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, spacious living room and big balcony.
Excuse the brevity, busy holiday days!
Asking 22’000 Rmb.

‘nough said! check out the video tour and pictures below.

Check out the Video Tour here

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Modern and Simply designed City Condo Apartment

Posted on October 29th, 2011 in Changning District, City Center, Gubei, Modern Apartments

This City Condo is a great option in Gubei (Hongqiao’s Commercial Business Hub), it’s a modern Compound in the same developement as the City Center and Hongqiao Parksons.

This apartment is a 3 Bedroom unit that has just become available, and the landlord will change the old furnishings to new ones for the next tenants.
It’s a 176 square meter unit, with an entrance, and then to the side, a dining area, and the modern western kitchen with oven & lot’s of storage, and laundry room in the back

In the on the wall of the living room is a huge built in storage  space, and the lounge is very spacious as well, with a balcony overlooking the compound garden up front.

The Master Bedroom has a built in closet and an en-suite bathroom with tub and walk in shower.

On the other side of the Living Room is the guest bathroom, and two more guest bedrooms.

The City Condo has it’s own clubhouse with fitness center, outdoor swimming pool saunas, yoga room and spa.
Asking 20’000 Rmb per month.
Watch the Video Tour,

Elegantly furnished, modern & bright Gubei Apartment

This beautifully decorated and renovated apartment is in the modern and popular City Condo complex in the heart of Gubei’s central business district.

The spacious apartment is on the 8 Floor (for good luck!) and features a huge open living room with large double glazed windows and spacious layout.
The living room and dining room are one large space, with curved walls and windows that look out to the green compound garden.

The Lounge features a large TV and Book Cabinet in elegant dark wood matching with the floors and doors and adding great contrast to the otherwise naturally bright inside.

The Guest bath and kitchen are near the entrance, with walk in shower in the bathroom and storage, built in oven, and laundry room in the kitchen.

The Guest Bedrooms are along the living room’s north-west side and both are spacious, one is currently furnished to be a study and one a guestbedroom with double bed.

The Master Bedroom area is a real highlight with 180 degrees of windows, a study, a walk in closet and a super large en-suite bathroom with tub and seperate walk-in shower.
Featuring Central Airconditioning, double glazed windows, floor heated bathrooms and more.

The City Condo is in a great location, with the entrance right at a 360 degree glass house starbucks, and Parkson which is like “THE” foreign supermarket to visit, all imported foods in english, there are also lot’s of restaurants right outside the gate, together with endless shops and more.

View any time.
Call Oiver at 15900987878.
225 square meters.
Asking 25000 RMB.
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Modern and open Changning Apartment for rent in CityCondo

Posted on February 28th, 2010 in Changning District, City Center, Gubei

This beautiful modern apartment is located in the City Condo that is part of the bigger City Center Office and recreational complex in the Hongqiao Central Business District (or part of Gubei to be less exact).

The Apartment is in the smaller, more exclusive pool-side building that feels more like a resort with the all glass elevator that takes you directly down to the pool in the summer (usually june to september).
The Flat itself is also unique, with just 8 Apartments like it, 220 square meters large and in banana shape with a huge open and very brightliving room.

It has elegant dark wooden floors, that are not too forceful and large windows (double paned) throughout.

The Kitchen is spacious, with lot’s of cabinet space and features an oven, plenty of power sockets and huge two door refridgerator.
Behind is a storage room and a laundry room.
The Bathrooms feature heated floors and are elegant, western & modern with the guest bathroom featuring just a walk in shower and the bath in the master bedroom both, bathtub and a big walk-in shower.

The 2 Bedrooms along the living room side are equally sized, both spacious, and both bright.
The Master is extra large and features a walk in closet, a study room area and an en-suite bathroom.

The City Condo itself is the most modern in the Hongqiao CBD (which houses many multinationals) and features it’s own clubhouse with fitness center and dance/yoga room.

The Metro is just a stone throw away, and out the door (literally, just out the door) is a starbucks, hooters, lisboa restaurant, japanese teppanyaki, parksons international supermarket and many more things to discover.

The developer and management are the same that are responsible for the lisboa hotel and resort in macao, or closer by the ambassy club in the french concession.
The furniture was picked out by the last tenant from the united states, landlord is open to changes.
Asking 21000 Rmb per month.

220 square meters. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 living rooms, western kitchen, storage and laundry room.
Call Oliver at 15900987878 or Jimmy at 13818232004.

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Modern and elegant City Condo Duplex Apartment

Posted on December 30th, 2008 in Changning District, City Center, Gubei

This elegant, luxurious and modern furnished apartment is in the popular City Condo Compound on ZiYun Road.
The Flat is a 2 Bedroom, 2 Living room and 2 Bathroom Duplex.

It features a spacious, and very bright first floor living room with connected dining area.
The living room features floor-to-ceiling windows, a balcony and lot’s of built in storage.
The multimedia setup includes satellite tv, adsl, wi-fi, sound system, huge LCD TV, and HD DVD Player.

The Dining Room also has large south facing windows, that have a wonderful view of Gubei’s commercial district.

The Kitchen is roomy, has plenty of storage space, features a built in oven, large Refridgerator and plenty of storage.

The Guest Bathroom is located behind the Living room near the stairs and is also very elegant, with marble tiles and features heated floors.

The Master Bedroom features a large built in closet and en-suite bathroom with large mirror, walk-in shower and of course, also, heated floors.
The Master Bedroom has a balcony as well.

The Study room is bright, south facing, and spacious enough to fit another sofa bed if demanded.

City Condo is a convenient compound situated in Hongqiao’s CBD, it’s directly connected to the Parkson’s here at Shanghai Center and even features it’s “own” starbucks.
Facilities include an outdoor pool (july to sept), fitness center, sauna, yoga club and others.

View any time.
Fully furnished
149 sq meters. Asking 18000 Rmb. Including Taxes, Club and management.
Call Oliver at 15900987878

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Modern City Condo 3 Bedroom Apartment

Posted on July 4th, 2008 in Changning District, City Center

This modern 3 Bedroom flat is in the popular City Condo Compound at the Parkson Shanghai Center.
The bright apartment is on the 28th floor, and has a pretty nice view over the nearby Gubei Area.

It has a nice entrance with shoe-shelves and closets left and right to prevent “cluttered entry areas”.
It’s renovated with a light touch, the floors are a light-brown hardwood as are the frames for the doors and windows.
The Furniture is mainly chosen in nice friendly colors, like the simple beige/grey couch.

The Beds, closet and study furniture is mostly in the same color as the place’s general renovation.

The Guestroom is the first room from the living room and very bright. It has easy access to the guest bath, and a built in closet.

The Master Bedroom on the opposite side has a built-in closet, extra storage and an en-suite bathroom with tub and walk-in.

The Study, right next to the Master Bedroom has a large computer desks, big shelves and a lot of extra storage.

The Kitchen is south facing, has a lot of work and pantry space and is fully equipped with oven, microwave, rice cooker, water heater, filters and softeners and fridge.

View at any time.
3 Bedrooms, 2 Living Rooms, 2 Baths.
starting at 19k Rmb.
Call Oliver at 15900987878

Great Places for the new Year

Starting a new year with a new great places can be a great feeling, but one needs some oversight to make the right decision.
Here are several different properties with great values and very unique character.
call Oliver at 159 0098 7878 (working again, for those wondering ;-) )

This fantastic 300+sqm Mansion is in the heart of the French Concession on the idyllic and peaceful Xingguo Rd.
It’s beautifully and newly restored with lot’s of modern appliances and great work blending in the new into the old.
The Villa’s also got a huge 400sqm Garden that’s a great playground, and super venue for events and parties with friends,
co-workers and family.
Starting at 12K US$/month (including tax and management fees)

Unique French Concession Ground Floor loft-style Apartment with two private Gardens.
This fantastic place is newly renovated by a professional design firm, with wonderful quality, newly built in central heating,
water filter, washing machine, and newly double glazed windows.
It comes tastefully furnished with warm colors and comfortable styles.
On Hunan Rd.
Starting at 25’000 Rmb/ Month (including tax and management fee’s)

Outstanding and very smartly renovated apartment in the City Condo Compound near the Sheraton Grand and Rennaissance Yangtze.
Walking through this flat really makes everyone’s heart beat faster that is looking for a convinient and western standard like completely thought-through place with smart lighted storage, beautiful indirect light in all corners, art-deko style light fixtures, tasteful modern designer furniture and window treatments, huge fridge, washing and drying, oven, water filter, and floor heating in the flat’s bathrooms.
On the 18th Floor.
Starting at 20’000 Rmb/ Month.

The very Exclusive Gascogne Residences on Huaihai Middle Rd near the K.Wah Center in an old Colonial Apartment building with huge balconies and super modern renovation packed in the flair and character of a french concession flat.
Gascogne Palace comes with nice and tasteful designer furniture, a nice open or closed (Glass doors and shades) Kitchen
that is fantastically equipped with movable tab, water filter, double doored siemens fridge, smeg dishwasher and lot’s of pantries, this place is just a fun place to cook at.
The Bathrooms are generously large, with modern and elegant marble all around, hided edges and cool cinks and showers.
The Bedrooms are also very spacious, have a walkable closet and the master also has direct access to the huge balcony overviewing the breathtaking skyline and french concession.

Wonderful City Condo Apartment for rent

Posted on January 23rd, 2008 in Changning District, City Center
this beautiful and brand new flat is in the just built, resort like City Condo Complex. (near the grand Sheraton and city center in Shanghai).
The Place’s just furnished and was recently renovated.

The Apartment is in the 18Th Floor (a real lucky no. in china), it also has a grand view and Lot’s of natural light coming into the place.

The modern and warm design was done by a known interior design company and features a lot of different lights, like the built in in-direct light in the walls, hallways, the hanging lava like lamps in the living room and the automatically on-turning lights in the shelves, closets, pantries and storage’s.

The spacious apartment (176sqm) is very tastefully decorated, with elegant, modern and western style furniture.
Most of the wiring has been built into the walls, (like sat TV, DVD, LCD screen wires, adsl) which is much easier on the eyes and gives the flat a cleaner, smarter look.

Right at the entry is an elevated (sort of hanging in the air) shoe-shelve, that can become quite practical as you can have the slippers inside and the shoes just under the “Schrank”.

Die Flat also features a from the living room accessible balcony that offers plenty of room for having over a couple of friends at a home-barbecue.

The Kitchen is very spacious, with Lot’s of working space, she (the kitchen) also comes with built-in oven, water filter and microwave.
The Laundry room is right behind it and has dryer and hot-water washing machine with 3600/min.
The Bathrooms (2) are roomy, elegant and come with floor-heating for cold winter-mornings.

The flat can be viewed any time.
Just call oliver at 1352-488-8815 or Jimmy at 13818232004

Brand New City Condo Apartment

Posted on November 9th, 2007 in Changning District, City Center

This beautiful Apartment is in the Brand-New City Condo Apartment connected to the famous City Center Office Towers and Mall.

The Apartment is wonderfully renovated in a modern, bright and friendly way.
The Flat’s living room is very spacious and nicely cut with the round from floor to ceiling windows securing a fantastic view on the inner Compounds Swimming Pool and Park.

The Flat is newly furnished, with modern, comfortable, earth toned furniture.
It’s got a lot of built -in storage and indirect lighting.
The Bathrooms are very elegant, spacious and have heating and cooling.

A real looker is the Master Bedroom, which has a lot of space, a cool arranged structure and the same nice view on to the outdoor pool.

The Kitchen is also a plus point, it’s got lot’s a work space, big pantries, has a nice wooden look, oven, microwave and big fridge.

The Flat comes with 2 LCD’s, Sattelite TV, DVD, ADSL, WiFi, Wasching Machine, Dryer, Oven and Water Filter.

3 Bedroom’s, 2 Baths, 1 and 1/2 Living Rooms, big Kitchen and Storage.

View any time.
Call Jimmy at 1381-823-2004