Fantastic Downtown Shanghai Penthouse with huge Rooftop Terrace

This beautiful downtown Shanghai Penthouse is located in the heartbeat of the City on Wujiang Road right on top of the Nanjing West Road Subway Stop.
It’s the penthouse of Shanghai’s exclusive Crystal Pavilion Residences.

The top floor place features an open plan with huge windows all around and two large balconies in the living room overlooking Shanghai’s Skyline.
The layout consists of 1 master Bedroom with en-suite Study and bathroom, 2 large guest bedrooms, an Entertainment-Bar, a modern western-style kitchen with two-door Siemens fridge, a built in oven, a dishwasher, and a laundry room to the back with drying space and storage.

The Penthouse has built in radiators in all of it’s bathrooms, features a central air conditioning system,
HD TV’s, Complete Home Cinema system with foreign sattelite tv and surround sound by Bose as well as central water filters and softeners throughout.

All tenants of the Crystal Pavilion enjoy complimentary Access to the Clubhouse with Fitness, Club Restaurant and Cigar Bar, Swimming Pool, Billiards, Conference Rooms and many more.

Asking 76’000 Rmb.


The best French Concession Corners to Live in and why

Posted on August 27th, 2011 in Best Places to Live, posts

I have been thinking about making a post about the best areas to live in and Shanghai, yet, I can only think of one that I truly love, it’s my home and my hood you could say, the French Concession area.

Oh and hey, these are my opinions! Please feel free to make your argument for your favorite area! Just comment at the end of the post.

So I thought about some of the best French Concession Corners to live in here in Shanghai and why.

Anfu RoadAnfu Road and Wulumuqi Road.
This Corner wasn’t that much a short while ago, but within 1 year it has become an amazing cluster of conveniences, and trend spots.
2010 saw this become the home of Baker & Spice, Mr Willis, Arona, Amokka, La Strada (one of the best pizzas in town) Pines Supermarket and more.
This year they added Food Central (by the Apartment guys, gotta try the sufflet (this not how you spell it is it?), Mi Thai, Charme, Y+ Yoga Studio and many more.

Lot’s of Cafe’s where already here, Costa, Jamaica Blue, Marienbad (awesome atmosphere),  and the international Supermarket Feidan has established itself here for a long time too.

Anfu Road is now packed but still charming, and unique stores make it definitely worth a stroll, check out the antiques near the Wukang Rd intersection.
Residential Options are plenty, lot’s of renovated french concession apartments, modern compounds for the larger families at Kingsville and Chevaliers, and probably one of Shanghai’s most popular the Summit which has a clubhouse open to all.

Yongfu Road, Wuyuan and Fuxing Road.
Wuyuan Rd is probably still one of my all-time favorite streets because our office was located here for those who remember from 2005 to 2009.
We got an amazing addition to the area with the 47 Yongfu Road, which has added con’s and pros of living here.
The Pro arguments are you’re right next to some the trendiest spots in Shanghai, The Apartment and El Cocktail.
The Con’s are now, a little obvious, used to love this area because it was quiet, however, now that you also have an area that is amazingly crowded during the evening time, and you know and I know, Shanghai + Drunk + Partygoers can equal some very noisy and annoying scenarios (another pro, sometimes hilarious).

The Boxing Cat also opened in 2010 on Fuxing Road and Yongfu Road, and it’s quickly become one of the best places to do almost anything, browse and go online, eat (the Reuben, try the Reuben!), and Drink their self brewed mini Shanghai brewery beer.
Around here, your options aren’t as plenty.
Just renovated, charming French Concession Lane Houses, Colonial Apartments and Garden Homes.
Walk to the Ambassy Club and Pool within 10 minutes.

Normandie ApartmentsXingguo Road, from Tai’an to Hunan Road.
This is the area I live in.
I love it, mainly because it reminds me of home, it’s super quiet during the evening and you often just see a few people during the evening times.
Nowadays we also have a C-Store, so it makes grocery shopping more convenient.
I take my dog out during the day and at night, and I really enjoy the green stroll.
Ferguson Lane is super close with Franck, Coffee Tree, and new opening Cocount Paradise and other Restaurants by the year end.

Con’s, it’s not for everyone. I’m from switzerland, and Shanghai at times is too crowded for me, even the french concession, so I appreciate the Peace I get in this area.
I also know through many conversations with you guys, that it can be way to quiet at night for some.

Here too, except of some low quality high rise places, you will have to stick to the charming and unique, what a Bummer.
The Normandie Apartments from 1930′s, or Garden and Lane Houses, maybe in my favorite French Concession Lane on Tai’an Road.

So this is my take, the best 3 corners of the French Concession.

Runners up where the Donghu Road and Yanqing, Fumin, Changle Road cluster (but in the end lost, because in my opinion, Bar 88 is to much to see for me every night).

Hengshan and Yongjia Road.
Just doesn’t have a certain Feel of Home. Fantastic for visiting but the whole area, bars and Restaurants are more geared to Tourists.

What’s your take? These are my personal opinions from my experiences and sometimes what people tell me through their time living in this area.

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