Are we the right guys for you & All the other guys

If you found us it’s likely you were referred.
Though our active, hands on, direct approach is definitely not for everyone.
And not every customer is right for us either.
Being a small and efficient company, we value time, a lot, yours and ours, and prefer customers who do so as well and want to work together to find their ideal
Shanghai Home.
SHPlace needs customers who trust them, and who they can trust to provide the best possible service we can give.

It’s not for everyone, so in case we aren’t what you are looking for.
Here is a list of all the other guys we can’t recommend on personal experience, but so far haven’t heard anything bad about and seem to also do an honest job.

Please understand we aren’t affiliated with any other agency in Shanghai, even if they claim to be so and we just put this list out to give you other options if SHPlace isn’t what you were looking for as a Housing Agent in Shanghai.

Well here they are, in random order.

Shanghai Prime Property Agency
A:No. 8, Lane 1446 West Yan’an Road, Shanghai

Ark International Shanghai

Asia Asset
7F, 1319 Yan An West Road, Lei Shing International Plaza
6252 3280

Shanghai Properties

Asia Pacific Properties
Suite 601, Plaza 66, Tower 2, 1366 Nanjing West


Red Dragon
PHONE:6431 0757
1/F, 289 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu
no email

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