Are we what you need?

Are we the right agents for you?

Here at SHPlace we value everything that is important to us and to you.
We’re not like all the other agents out there, and we do things differently.

To save yours and our time we narrow done places, we pre-select what we think would suit your needs best, and where you would be happiest.
More than once in a time we also try to think outside of the box and show you places that you haven’t thought about, yet we think could still be great for you.

We think independently and try to make the housing search as easy as possible, for you and us.
If you’re looking for an agency that taps into their experiences, and values great homes and living and your time as much as theirs, SHPlace is definitely for you.

Are you the right client for us?

For us to do great work, and help you get that dream place and deliver the easy property search we promise we need your help to.

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