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A little overwhelmed

Hi guys,
I just wanted drop a quick note that we’re a little busy at the moment, and can’t really take on any new customers unless you are referred by our previous customers or friends.
We’re a small team, and because our focus on service quality unfortunately also limits us to how many people we can help at once, if we would take on all of the 300-500 requests that fly in per mail/phone/text every month we could still only devote 38 minutes to one customer even without sleeping.
I have compiled a list with all the other people if you’re really in a rush right now, can’t wait and don’t have a referral.
Also feel free to question me (oliver) at any time about suggestions and more and if we can’t help you directly we may be able to point you in the right direction!

Be happy for us :’-)? it’s  a more preferable problem to have.
Want to help us handle more? We need the most amazing, determined worker-bee, who is bi-lingual and preferably has a good sense of humor (sarcasm counts double) as a new Assistant.
So just shoot us a note or forward this to your friends, if you think they’d be interested in joining.

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