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We’ve been working on something…

So Freeman (Scott Cao) and I have been working on something this holiday, connections are always better outside of the country so we tried to make the maximum use of this.
It’s a map! Using Google Maps we’re going to put everything useful for you to live in Shanghai on one map.
Places to live in, Restaurants, Schools, Kindergartens, Consulates, Office Locations and much more.
Please drop us a line if you feel anything has to be added, this will be a work in progress, for, well…, ever.
Once we’re done you can find it under our Guides Page.

Oh, and while we’re at it, have you liked us on facebook yet?
Facebook.com/shplace is the URL or you could just click below, you know, just like any attention seeking boys, what we’re really looking for is your approval.
Please, please give it to us ;-) and you can also read lot’s of ressources, share things with your friends, ask us any questions, read our facebook letters and make free use of our material as well as win some of the awesome things we give out to our facebook friends!
Look below the map.

View The SHPlace Map in a larger map


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