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Happy Moonfestival

It’s today, it’s sort of a happy and an unhappy day for me, I think the Moon Festiaval’s gotta be one of my favorite chinese holidays, simply because I love Moon Cakes “ye rong” flavor in particular, and “xin ren”. However they’re harder and harder to get after the day (today) has past.

Click for more, if you’re interested in how we came to this wonderful holiday!.

Happy Moon Festival to all of you.
On behalf of the SHPlace Team.

The Moon Festival originally dates back to 2170 BC, making it as old as the pyramids.
The Story sort of goes like this, the earth had once upon a time 10 suns circling around it, each of the suns took it’s turn to lighten up our dear mother earth, but one day, all of the suns came up and appeared together, creating what you can probably imaging, one real hot summer day.
Our planet and world was saved by the famous archer Hou Yi, he single handedly shot down 9 of the 10 suns.

The rest of the story has many versions.
In one he stole the elixir of life, in one he was awarded it by the emperor, in another from the goddess of the west herself and so on.

His Wife Chang’er ended up drinking it and escaped to the moon after Hou Yi was quite upset of her doing so (more or less the same in all stories).
Chang’er has been on the moon ever since.
After drinking it she found herself floating, and she flew to the moon.

During the Moon Festival we worship Chang’e who sometimes still sings to us from her far away home.

Read more here and here.

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