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Happy Holidays!

Hey Everyone!

We just wanted to come out and thank you for this great year!
Just like all the years before you’ve helped us beat the previous one in awesomeness once more.
We met a lot of new people, learned a lot of new things, seized new opportunities, took new chances
and most importantly helped a lot of new people find their home (or change their homes) in Shanghai.

To be exact, 62 of you! Not bad for such a small firm eh?
And in 2011 we also launched shanghaioffices.com, 9 companies have found their offices with us since the start of Shanghaioffices this Summer.
We also just redesigned the page, and we’ll make sure, that just like on shplace for housing, you’ll find out about the most unique and coolest offices in Shanghai on www.shanghaioffices.com.

So one last wish from us, since it’s christmas and all.
You know social media and facebook is the new fancy, and you know us, we like the fancy, for that we’ll need for you to like us on facebook and tell your friends!
So come on out here on www.facebook.com/shplace
or click “like” below if you’re already logged into facebook.

I almost forgot, just like every year, we’ll have one of our legendary new years parties,
where exactly this time I don’t know.
But for those of you who remember last year, we’re at m1nt, expected 30 people but ended up with about 70.
If you can, this time, let me know in advance.
Not that you are not welcome to stumble in at 2am, anyone anytime.
Just for logistics sakes, RSVP.

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