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French Concession Apartment with Brand New Renovation

Historic French Concession Apartment

This beautiful old apartment has been completely re-renovated and redone.
It’s located on Huaihai Road near Wuxing Rd, in the heart of the French Concession, just a few minutes walk away from Hengshan Rd to the South, or Yongfu/Wuyuan/Anfu Rd to the North.

The Apartment is in the 5th floor of a historic apartment building, and yes, it’s a walk up.

However once inside you feel the charme and character of the space, and you can understand why people used to walk up here back in the day.

The Apartment’s Living Room Lounge is spacious and bright, and the kitchen has been opened up to directly connect with the space.
In a modern western style, the kitchen comes with good storage space, and a built in oven and water filters.
The distinct original tile floors add a wonderful character and feel of uniqueness to the space.

French Concession ApartmentTo the side is a guest bedroom or study, right next to the guest bathroom (which features a stand alone shower).

Across the hall to the west is the Master Bedroom, which has a well sized balcony and en-suite bathroom (finished soon!).
The 3rd Bedroom is across the lounge to the east and equally spacious to the master and study.

The apartment’s renovation has been carefully considered in detail, and the landlord has used only top notch materials and brands throughout.
The Radiators and double glazed windows will keep you warm during the winters despite the high ceilings, the water filter will keep (hop

efully!) your clothes from staining, the wiring, gas lines and piping which has all been replaced by brand new equipment should allow you the comfortability of any modern home anywhere.
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living Room Lounge and Dining with open kitchen. 1 Balcony.

Asking 25’000 Rmb.
160 square meters.

Call Oliver at 15900987878 or anyone at Shplace here 6431 7096.
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