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Copy Protection is Off

Hello All,

I have to say I’m sorry, after somebody pointing it out, today I had a conversation with one of our oldest customers who has been trying to copy and send stuff to his friends and recommend us but couldn’t do so.
I turned the copy protection on after I got too tired of the many other agents who copy our content and photos from the site and re-publish it themselves.
All  of you have been super loyal, and I should have not inconvenienced you for the sake of inconveniencing them.
I know that you wouldn’t go and check apartments out with others that you have seen with us, and I know that so many of you send us links from other agents and ask it to find it for you, which made me realize that I just took the wrong approach.

Please feel free to highlight, and copy and search for locations again, and I hope you accept my sincere apologies for my misstake!


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