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My pick, best residential compounds in city hubs (downtown)

The year of the tiger has begun (or is still beginning according to the fireworks).
I thought I’d pick my favorite compounds near city hubs downtown, Xujiahui, Jing An Temple and Hengshan Road.


1. Oriental Manhattan Century Metropolis
Though older, and crowded this Colliers international compound gets my pick for the best compound in the commercial Hub of Xujiahui
simply because of the value you get for your money.
The Compound has it’s drawbacks, too many cars parking outside, and it’s generally crowded.
But prices have come down a lot, yet the apartments in the 3rd phase (which is building 1, 2 and 7) are in fantastic shape still.

It features a big clubhouse, that is older too, but still with lot’s of facilities and leisure activities, the clubhouse management is also hearty and caring.

They’re spacious, modern, and elegant, the buildings are maintained well and the interior of the common areas, hall, elevators and reception are in still great shape.

For around 15,0000 Rmb you can get a 172 square meter 3 Bedroom, 2 bathroom unit that’s in my eyes way better than any of the others in the location.
Windows are double glazed, and the management does a good job on most of the days in taking care of residents needs.
Though there are gems, I would suggest not bothering to look at the older and mostly run down 1st and 2nd Phase apartments.
The luxury version across wending road called upper eastside are also a noteworthy take a look place.

Runner up is the Fountain Garden on Nandan Road.
A nice, modern compound, newer and with spacious units.
It lacks an international management, and full clubhouse inside the compound, and most of the apartments are self-renovated, which doesn’t make them bad, but we all know, tastes differ from culture to culture.

Jing’an Temple, Nanjing Road

8 Park Avenue.
This wasn’t a difficult one, the ever popular 8 Park Avenue compound is  modern, up to date, and features a state of the art free for all residents clubhouse with huge olympic size swimming pool, bowling alley, fitness and more.
The Apartments feature central air conditioning,  and modern kitchens and bathrooms.
Sometimes have a funny layout though, and it’s still a bit of  a walk to jing’an temple.

The 4 Seasons Shanghai Apartments is our  runner up here.
It’s one of the newest additions in the area.
The Apartments are great, and the location is unbeatable, it’s convinient and doesn’t get any more central then this.
But the location is also a drawback, not everyone can live right in the center of everything and be surrounded by the hustle and buzz of the never sleeping city.
It houses a great clubhouse, with good facilities but costs extra (which is still negotiable with the landlords).

Hengshan Road – French Concession

The french concession is lacking new developements, so it wasn’t that difficult to pick out the Wellington Garden here.
At first, there were many issues with this compound, but it pulled through and has become a popular home to many.
It’s small, but peaceful, and this is why one might choose this area.
Building 1 and 2 offer long views over the 100 year old Jiatong university compound.
It features a free for all fitness center with sauna and wellness, but lacks a swimming pool.

The Apartments are modern, and really, you don’t find great layouts like this in Shanghai very often.
The fully important siemens kitchens are in a class by itself too.
And in the last two years, this place has also become a lot more affordable than it was in the first year of opening.

The older but elegant and central Summit Shanghai is our 2nd place for the french concession.
If the apartments are well mantained they’re still great, good layouts, spacious rooms and peaceful.
The location is arguably in the heart of the former french concession and it features a popular and well mantained clubhouse.
The management, though by the developer itself is reliable and quick and the common areas are very well taken care of.


Lakeville Regency Apartments
The middle child of the lakeville family, this luxurious, elegant and highly sought after living complex is our top choice in the Xintiandi area.
Why the Regency and not Lakeville 1, or the casa Lakeville?
Well, the first one is nice, and there are a helluva lot a bargains compared what you pay in other complexes in the area.
But, it’s also older and there are some serious beauty issues that have to be taken care of, the clubhouse is dark and incomparable to the Regency.
So, what about the Casa?
Well, they’re newer, modern, and great, but the quality doesn’t differ much from the older Regency thanks to it being mantained so well.
And, as the issue is with new compounds you might be exposed to some serious renovation work at first and nearby construction.
The Regency for now has it all, compared to nearby options prices are reasonable, and the facilities are fantastic, big bright swimming pool,
fitness center with view, club restaurants and bars and a good management.

Runner up?
Rich Gate.
Pricey, definitely pricey, (63000 Rmb per month up) but so is everything else Xintiandi.
The Apartments finishes are so much better than anything else around, the layouts are great, and the management is friendly.
Small community, and peaceful, convenient living in one of Shanghai’s busiest areas.
The facilities are great too, and it’s a little closer than the Lakevilles to all the shopping, dining, and nightlife.

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