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Historic Downtown Loft Apartment on Nanjing Rd

This beautiful old apartment is located in a early 20th century apartment building on Nanjing Rd (former Bubbling Well Road).
The Flat features a super stylish, art-deco renovation with lot’s of historic detail and an open, easy layout.

You’ll walk into the apartment through a short entrance way leading to the livingroom lounge and the half open kitchen.
There also is a big storage room next to the entry door.

The Kitchen is spacious, with loads of storage room, big workspace, a bar/breakfast nook, oven, microwave and custom cabinets.

The guestroom is the first room down the hallway, it’s spacious, and bright, and has a large closet.
Across from it is the guestbath with walk-in shower.

The Master Bedroom features a super unique contemporary style wooden bed and a large built in closet.
The other bathroom comes with tub.

Quality renovation throughout, tripple glazed windows and built in radiators.

Satellite TV and ADSL/ Wireless already installed.
View any time.

It’s in a fantastic location
at the corner of Nanjing Rd West and Shimen 1 Road.
Nearby the Wujiang Food Street (Subway, Starbucks, Costa Cafe, Coffee Bean, Ilnino, & many others).
Subway entrance is less than 50 meters away.
It’s a perfect place with character in downtown shanghai, unique, and central, here you’ll live in the city and the city lives around you.

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