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Announcing Pudong Place!

So, I know what most of you’re going to say now. No, really? Come’on, Pudong’s boring.

Well, we didn’t do Pudong for the last few years, and right, the main reason was because we felt it was boring too.
But what’s happened there in the past two years is a transformation that Dubai must  have hoped to become.
Also, many of you have asked SHPlace over the years to also find some great places for you in Pudong, just can’t keep turning you down, breaks our hearts.

From a boring desert (swamp actually), this place is simply amazing, now crowded where there used to be empty stores, many unique shops, all the malls Puxi has, and actual people in them.

I personally changed my mind about Pudong when visiting the area called Ba Bai Ban 2 weeks ago, (unsurprisingly that was the night before pudongplace was born), it’s like a bigger, and newer Xujiahui (even has the same malls), we ate in Bifeng Tang and marvelled at the big arched colloseum like gateway before having some hagen dasz for dessert.
Then we walked a nice walk through the streets in Pudong (something I would have never thought of doing before) to get to the 88F Jinmao Tower Bar.

It wasn’t just the architecture that took my breath away, it was all this life and business that wasn’t here before.
My fault to  as I simple refused to set foot there.

Obviously it doesn’t have the charme of the French Concession, the awe of the Bund, but the Pudong area is successfully transforming from the scenery of George Orwells 1984 to, hmm, well more like Coruscant (or Galactic City before the empires the Take-over) from the  star wars movies.

Here are some of our first picks of great places in Pudong, be patient, more are to come. 
A unique Penthouse Duplex in the heart of Lujiazui with a 150 square meter terrace overviewing the city.
A crazy Villa with private pool, and a fantastic ground floor duplex with garden in Biyun 

oh, and I added a gallery of that place I went to before the Bar in the Jinmao Tower called Ba Bai Ban below the properties.
Check it out at Pudongplace.com 


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